Tips for Buying a Pre-Owned Home

Aside from location and neighborhood, it is important to consider architectural design when buying a pre-owned home. Certainly it has to work for your needs. But unless this is going to be the last home you ever purchase, it has to meet predictable needs of most homebuyers. For home to make a good investment, it is important to think about what buyers are going to be looking for in the next 4-10 years and what kinds of home designs will stay popular in the future. The following are some things you need to pay attention to when buying a home:

Architectural Design and Detail – Does the house have 10´ or 14´ high ceilings, rounded or regular corners, art niches, the right size kitchen, or a floor plan that might accommodate alarge screen TV in the family room, etc.?

Roof Pitches – The higher the pitch the better it will look – but it will also cost more.

Setback Distance – Have you ever noticed when you drive through a neighborhood that all the homes seem to be on top of you? The impression is caused by a short “setback.” Setback is the distance from the curb to the front of the home. It maybe 20´, 25´, 30´ or more. The longer the setback the bigger the lot, which of course adds to the cost.

Flooring System – What flooring system, if any, was used in the home? Have you ever toured a two-story home and heard the floor squeak beneath your feet?

Quality of Wood – What choice did the builder make? Grade 1, 2 or 3? If the builder used a low grade wood during the construction, the wood will warp over time. If the wood was used inthe walls, you may see a bowing effect.

Subdivision History and Reputation – One of the most important factors when buying a home in the Tampa real estate market. You should always choose a subdivision that will hold its value and has a quick turn-over rate.

Cutting Corners – All builders cut corners. That’s why it is vital that we identify where those cuts were made and how they will or will not affect the quality of the home.

Drainage – When considering a home in Florida, where summer rains can flood neighborhoods with poor drainage, you must make sure the lot has a proper run-off for storm water.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of choosing a good floor plan. Have you ever seen a home that stays on the market for sale for 6 months, 9 months, even a year? Chances are it is not the high price that keeps it from selling, but a poor floor plan. I have worked with hundreds of buyers and I can tell you exactly what most people are looking for in a home. I can also share my knowledge on quality of construction, tell you about great subdivisions for resale and help you identify and negotiate a good deal. Call me 813-317-4009 for all your Tampa Bay real estate needs.



was last modified: November 21st, 2015 by Lance Mohr