Public Schools in Tampa Bay

As Realtors, we often get asked about what areas in Tampa Bay have best schools. The problem is that the law prevents real estate agents from giving an opinion on schools since it would cause swaying home buyers to certain areas. The best thing we can do for you is to provide you with sources to do your own research. This page has links and info to help you determine the school district, locate schools by address and research school grades and accountability reports. Looking for Private Schools in Tampa? Click here.

STEP 1: Determine County / School District

School Info - Hillsborough County Map - Click to enlarge
Hillsborough County Map

Hillsborough County Schools Website

School info - Pasco County Map - Click to enlarge
Pasco County Map

Pasco County Schools Website

School info - Pinellas County Map - Click to enlarge
Pinellas County Map

Pinellas County Schools Website

STEP 2: Determine Schools

After you determined your County / School District, you can find the school that corresponds with the address of the property by using the following school locators:

Hillsborough County School Locator

Pasco County School Locator

Pinellas County School Locator


STEP 3: Research Schools


After you find out the schools’ names, you can research them online by looking up school grades and accountability reports provided by Florida Department of Education. You should also visit school district websites to do more research.

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