The Ins and Outs of Tampa, Florida Real Estate

tampa-florida-real-estateThe Tampa, Florida real estate scene is booming for obvious reasons: stunning beaches, ideal climate, vibrant arts, cultural venues and a booming job market. You can choose a number of Tampa, Florida real estate properties, like historic bungalows, luxury high-rises, waterfronts and gated communities.

Surfeit of comfortable localities

Neighborhoods in Tampa also come in different types, ranging from the upscale to the bustling colonies. Buyers can select from residences for sale in quiet and prestigious locations like Hyde Park and Davis Bay, or can choose to live in the rocking downtown area, parallel to the Hillsborough River.

Vibrant economy

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Tampa Real Estate Market – Statistics for March 2014


Hi everybody. It’s Lance Mohr. Just wanted to go over the Tampa real estate market statistics for March.

Looks like we had a good month in March, which is normal. March is always a really good month in the Tampa real estate market. If you’re looking in Land O Lakes or Wesley Chapel, I would definitely look at the Hillsborough County and pay more attention to these statistics than Pasco – if I pull the Pasco statistics, they’re not nearly as good. Because most of the areas on Pasco, or a good majority of them, are much slower and… Continue reading

Home Seller Tips and Advice

Hi, my name is Lance Mohr and I am a real estate agent in the Tampa Bay area, and I want to give a couple of tips to home sellers.

Number one is to start off when you are hiring a real estate agent please do your due diligence.  I talk to sellers all of the time and I would say at least 50-75% of them never use the real estate agent that they bought the home through because they were upset for one reason or another. And a lot of times sellers will hire a real estate agent… Continue reading

Behind the New Tampa Real Estate Boom

Shops at WiregrassNew Tampa real estate covers a 24-square mile area within corporate limits of the City of Tampa. It also has a bigger land area situated in unincorporated Hillsborough. The city is master planned and is enjoying a real estate boom presently.

Scintillating nightlife

New Tampa is the place to meet up friends and family members after a grueling day at work. Residents have easy access to internationally known theme parks and stunning beaches. If you want an exhilarating night out, New Tampa has no shortage of options.

The Shops at Wiregrass

The Shops at Wiregrass is a very popular gathering… Continue reading

Wiregrass Ranch Development Update

image of Wiregrass Ranch by Standard Pacific HomesThere have been a couple of huge announcements about the Wiregrass Ranch DRI recently.  The Wesley Chapel Rotary had a guest speaker stop by and talk about plans he had for his family’s property.  Last month, on March 5th, JD Porter stopped by with some announcements that have to do with the development of his family’s property at Wiregrass Ranch and the end result is going to be the first ever skyline for the Pasco County area.  While many that lived in the area for years might have thought that to be very big news, that was not the biggest… Continue reading

The 93-7 Rule of Real Estate

Picking the best realtor by Depositphotos_19348085It sounds like a punch line, but it’s the truth: it turns out 93% of real estate agents really are making the rest of us look bad.

Most people have heard of the 80-20 rule — that 80% of the work is usually done by 20% of the workers. In real estate, it’s (amazingly) more like the 93-7 rule: 7% of all agents are doing 93% of the sales.

That means fewer than one in ten are real “producers” in the business; the rest are just coasting along.

Do you want one of the 93% as your agent?

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Fannie Mae – Housing Recovery Remains Positive

image of the housing recovery and fannie mae Many people have a bad taste in their mouths over the condition of the housing market over the last few years and even though the market seems to be rebounding, consumer attitude does not seem to be doing the same.  Many of the industry experts expect that home prices will rise in the next year.  While some reports indicate that weather could have played a role in some states with an extended winter, others are noting that consumer attitudes are just not the same as they were a few years ago.  After surveys showed how consumers feels about  buying a… Continue reading

5 Tips When Buying Tampa Florida Real Estate

The Tampa Florida real estate market witnesses a lot of action from not only people buying their first home, but also from families buying their second home or even vacation homes. The city’s pleasant climate, excellent public transportation system, and very own international airport – the Tampa International Airport – which is ranked among one of US’s best, are just some reasons why it has become a property investment hotbed.

If you are interested in buying property in the city, here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Ease of buying property

Buying Tampa Florida real estate is straightforward. Every… Continue reading

Tampa Real Estate Market Statistics for February 2014

I everybody, this is Lance Mohr, the Tampa real estate market expert and I’m going to go over the Tampa real estate market statistics for February. If you are looking at this on YouTube or another site you can just blow it up full screen.  I know YouTube kind of distorts things with resolution.  It is a little hard to read but if we look right here at the activity level in the market, you can see from statistics in January and February it is basically unchanged. Pending sales were up a little bit which is normal you know as… Continue reading

Use Real Estate Agent Videos to Find Reliable Agents

There are a number of ways to search for and select a real estate agent in Tampa, Florida. You can find a number of real estate agent videos on the subject, and Tampa2Enjoy has dozens of videos to help you find your dream home in Tampa. You can view them when you want an answer to any query you have.

Process of selection

There are a number of common elements in all real estate agent videos. Many of them will insist on you verifying a few truths before you make a commitment to a particular agent or a company. These… Continue reading