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Motion Detectors and Home Security

lady taking out the trash - imageA home motion detector which will automatically switch the outside lights on as you approach the steps or the sidewalk can provide you the perfect solution for safely greeting you at your home at night. Now you can safely walk up your sidewalk without undo fear of tripping over items inadvertently left there by your children. In addition, the motion detector can ease your security concerns relating to any intruders entering your backyard. With a motion detector your lights will be conveniently switched on exactly where you require them and when need it on.

In this article I have attempted… Continue reading

Wesley Chapel Real Estate Market Overview

The beautiful district of Wesley Chapel is situated centrally within the Tampa Bay area of Florida. With its initial population of less then 6000 it has managed to develop yet still retain its small town attitude and friendly atmosphere. Wesley Chapel is positioned a mere 25 miles from downtown Tampa and is easily reached via Interstate 75 and 275.

From the early 2000, the region of Wesley Chapel has experienced a rapid growth. New luxury communities as Seven Oaks, Meadow Pointe, Bridgewater, Saddlebrook, Northwood and Lexington Oaks have spring forth new life within the area. Santa… Continue reading

Shopping the Boutiques of Tampa Bay

image of boutiqueWho doesn’t like to shop? Everyone has that little something that they look for when in the various stores. It may possibly be that you are a collector of miniature glass horses or you might accumulate Star War memorabilia. Either way you search for something unique and different every time you enter a store.

What better place to look for the unique and different items them in Tampa Bay’s profuse and charming boutiques. Here you can enthusiastically unearth those one in a lifetime treasures that no one has. From that amazing piece of antique, 18th century jewelry to an evening… Continue reading

Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

So you finally got your dream home in Tampa and now you are ready to move in, however there still exists one very important consideration that has to be dealt with. That is the matter of obtaining your homeowner’s insurance. This insurance provides protection for you against loss resulting from your property as well as your possessions. As you well know as a homeowner you are mandated to obtain this insurance before you can get your new home loan. What you may not realize is that there are more things to consider here other then just the price of the… Continue reading

How to Select Firewood for Those Chilly Tampa Nights

Are you and your family comfortable in your new beautiful Hyde Park, Tampa home? Could you be more comfortable if you could only shake that evening coolness from inside your dream home? Would you like to do this without running your fuel heater just to make your home slightly more livable?

I have heard the statement so many times previously. Someone will say, “But I live in Florida why do I need a fireplace or firewood.” The truth of the matter is that the Florida evening can become a little bit on the chilly side as those who have… Continue reading

Precautions When Building a Patio

image of a new home

So you have finally finished planting your grass seed and making your home in Lutz look like it came out of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Now you find it is time to begin a new project. You lounge comfortably in your new grassy backyard sipping gleefully upon that glass of lemonade and start to think how nice it would be to have a well made concrete patio. Guess what – the patio is your next construction project.

You carefully consider where you will place your new patio and you already are well aware that your Oak trees will… Continue reading

Salvador Dali Museum – Tampa Bay

Salvador Dali Museum painting - imageLocated well within the Tampa Bay Real Estate area is the famous Salvador Dali Museum. It is but a mere skip and a jump to reach this popular attraction located in nearby St. Petersburg Florida. Here in a converted warehouse you will find one of the largest collections of the Spanish artist Salvador Dali’s works that can be found outside of Europe.

Salvador Dali was born on the 11th of May in 1904 beneath the hills of Spain’s famous Pyrenees Mountains within the small agricultural community of Figueres Spain. Dali was the son of a Spanish notary. Every year the… Continue reading

Brandon Real Estate – The Long Rise in Growth

welcome to brandon imageWhen one considers the manner for which cities and towns grow it is amazing to see how some fall short of this average while others exceed this figure. Brandon Florida real estate market is one of those that have far exceeded the average.

The Greater Brandon vicinity represents one of Florida’s fastest raising neighborhoods in not only Florida but America as well.  Brandon is a youthful type community preferring to focus on its economic development as well as towards its community centered programs. These efforts have created a feeling towards the town where anyone would definitely be proud to be… Continue reading

Tampa’s Lucky Seven Spots for Cheap Eating

Whether you are a tourist to the Tampa area or a full time resident then you surely appreciate the value of a good tasting inexpensive meal. Eating out oftentimes makes a large dent in the wallet and this is especially true if you happen to have a rather large family. Never the less this does not have to be the case. Within the Tampa Bay vicinity there are several food establishments which serve excellent flavored meals without pushing the breadwinner into the poorhouse. These meals are affordable and the restaurants concerned will leave your mouth wanting more. I have listed… Continue reading

Edward Scissorhands and Land O Lakes

Why are movie producers interested in  Land O Lakes, FL real estate?

The Edward Scissorhands movie took place within a castle set high upon a hill where an exotic inventor’s finest creation resides. This creation is no less then the almost human Edward. Unfortunately, Edwards’s creator died prior to completing his greatest invention and poor Edward was left with scissors for his hands. For years now Edward had lived alone and then an Avon lady named Peg found Edward and invited him to her home. Initially Edward is accepted within the community and displays a unique talent for… Continue reading