Cory Lake Isles – A New Way to Enjoy Life

Cory Lake Islesis a luxury community located in New Tampa, one of the fastest growing areas in Tampa Bay.  Cory Lake Isles is just off of I-75, ten minutes north of Interstate 4, and about twenty minutes away from downtown Tampa.  Upon entering the gated community lined with canary palms, pristine landscape, and hand-laid bricks to form the boulevard, it is easy to forget the hustle and bustle of life.  Cory Lake Isles is unique in every sense of the word; nestled upon ten miles of shoreline on Tampa’s largest lake, the views are spectacular.  17,000 acres of Florida wildlife preserve is the natural environment that surrounds this enchanted community.  The Flatlands Wilderness Park is ideal to capture nature in its own environment.

Beautifully displayed homes are set upon quarter acre to three quarters of an acre land tracts that offer most homes a view of the lake, the canal, or the conservation lands.  Custom homes are built to accommodate any sized family, ranging from around $250,000 to $3,000,000.

There is always something to do at Cory Lake Isles.    An extravagant beach club offers tennis, volleyball, and a high-tech, innovate fitness center.  There is canoeing, boating, biking and jogging.  There is even a roller hockey rink and a recreation island!  Take a ride on a boat or water ski from the dock located in the backyard.  Take advantage of the 6,000 square foot club to entertain guests with a party or celebrate the memories of a timeless occasion.

Schools in New Tampa are top-rated.  Children who reside at Cory Lake Isles can attend Wharton High School.  The younger ones will attend Pride Elementary or Benito Middle School.  Shopping and dining are convenient, as Bruce B. Downs Boulevard offers a variety of conveniences for any need, including a new shopping mall underway.

Cory Lake Isles offers more than living; it is living with fun, adventure, and comfort.  With so many things to do, the only problem may be finding time to do it.  As the sun sets on the lake and the day is winding to a close, it will be nice to know that making a decision to choose Cory Lake Isles is the right one for the entire family.

New Tampa Has Everything a Family Could Want

image of grand oaks in New Tampa, FLWelcome to Tampa Bay, one of the finest areas on the Gulf coast.  Tampa has emerged as a metropolitan area with local appeal.  One community, in particular, that offers such appeal is New Tampa.  New Tampa is located just out of reach of downtown, and though it has been annexed by Tampa, it is just north of the city with a large area that is within the unincorporated county of Hillsborough.  One of the most popular areas of Tampa, New Tampa has experienced a growth explosion, offering a myriad of New Tampa homes  that start as low as $100,000, though most homes for sale in New Tampa, FL range in the area of $200,000 and up.  The area is so popular that New Tampa has seen the construction of new homes rise to over seventy percent from the year 2000.  Why is this area so popular?  New Tampa is an ideal location to settle; merely 40 minutes from the closest beach, a getaway is just moments away.  There is a very quick commute, making the area an ideal place to reside to eliminate long drives to work.

New Tampa offers a variety of neighborhoods with everything a family could want or need just around the corner.  Many of the communities are built in concordance with nature, offering acres of wildlife and nature preserves to observe, travel, and experience.  With no shortage of lakes, Cory Lake Isles is a newer lakeside community that has water skiing.  There are a number of scenic golf courses to challenge even the most seasoned player (Heritage Isles, Pebble Creek and Tampa Palms).  Most communities in New Tampa offer amenities such as a full service clubhouse for entertaining guests, fitness and exercise facilities, swimming pools, and tennis courts.  Bruce B. Downs is the main thoroughfare of New Tampa, providing a wide variety of shopping conveniences and restaurants.  Hillsborough County schools are premier in quality, providing convenience for any sized family.

New Tampa has evolved into one of the most highly sought neighborhoods to live in the Tampa Bay area, offering luxury with convenience.  It is more than just a town; New Tampa is a flourishing town with small town appeal.  It is easy to see why this area has become so popular, as it is close enough to stay involved, yet just far enough away to be able to come home and relax.

Tampa Made It In Fortune Magazine

Florida’s Gulf Coast metropolis has less glamour – and lower prices.

It’s not the Atlantic coast of Florida, with symbols of opulence like lavish Palm Beach estates or multimillion-dollar spec homes. But Tampa, with its more blue-collar feel, offers the same brand of South Florida living at a far more affordable price. How much more affordable? Prices are consistently lower by 50%, estimates Deborah Farmer, president of the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors.

To be sure, Tampa lived large during the boom years; prices rose 100% from 2001 to 2006. That was fueled in large part by speculators just looking to flip, and when they started vanishing in 2006, thanks to the slowing market and a tightening of credit, so did those massive annual increases. Real estate values have fallen 17.5% in a year, according to the Case-Shiller index. [Read more...]

South Tampa Is Heating Up

One of Tampa’s hottest destinations is centered on the increased demand for more waterfront condos in South Tampa and multifamily development communities. Located on Florida’s beautiful west coast, this section of Tampa Bay is thriving with communities buzzing with new Tampa condos for sale. You can readily find a comfortable waterfront condo offering a unique blend of urban excitement within a natural surrounding background.

The climate of the area encourages plenty of outdoor activities as it offers sunny days with gentle ocean breezes. During the spring or fall you will have warm days and cooler evenings. Your summer months in your condo are of a warmer nature with an occasional quick shower. Tampa’s average temperature is approximately 72 degrees.

In general with pleasant temperatures such as these your clothing wardrobe should consist of some loose, lightly clothing for any of your daytime activities as well as a lightweight jacket for your evening walks. Be sure to obtain some comfortable walking shoes before getting involved in many of the areas attractions. Few of the area restaurants require jackets and ties, as like most areas in Florida, casual is the in thing. The same applies to the various nightspots around Tampa Bay.

Converging in Tampa Bay itself you will discover several interstates which tend to make for an easy access from just about any point within the state. From the west and east side of Florida you have visitors arriving along interstate 4 while those coming into the area from the north or south will arrive via interstate 75.

Nearby you can find plenty of exciting things to occupy your leisure time ranging from roller coaster rides to the challenging Hillsborough River. Take the time to sit in a ball game practice from the stadium bleachers or simply obtain a pleasant tan at the nearby beaches. Tampa Bay offers the best Florida has to offer and it is centrally located to many of the states other fine attractions.

Although the area was originally named for the body of water located on the Florida west coast it has come to represent the section of Florida comprised of a vast array of individual communities, each unique and exciting.

Tampa Bay with its abundance of Condos is living proof of the ever present expansion witnessed within the Sun Belt region. Tampa Bay is the most popular metropolitan district on the coast.

History of the area could fill volumes of books beginning with the Latin roots of Ybor City and onto Tarpon Springs and its Greek culture. For day trips you can visit Busch Gardens or perhaps take in a museum visit, either way there are more exciting attractions then you would ever have time to complete.

Fishhawk Ranch – a Passionate Community

Fishhawk is a community of two subdivisions (mini communities), Fishhawk Trails and Fishhawk Ranch, located in Lithia, Florida.  Fishhawk offer more than just a home, it offers a place to relax, a place to connect with the community, and a place to raise a family with peace of mind.  In the early 1900’s, the area that is presently Fishhawk Ranch and Fishhawk Trails used to be a train depot primarily used for importing and exporting supplies and food for Lithia, Florida.  To this day the very same train station remains standing.  Lithia is a smaller community compared to some of the larger, sprawling communities nearer to Tampa.  Being such a tight knit community presents many benefits.  Home feels like a secure place to unwind, away from the crowds, and where there is a true sense of peace.  There are up to twenty miles of trails that intertwine throughout the community, joining the parks, the clubhouse, and the villages.  Ensconced in nature, the trails were created in such a way as to protect the wildlife and preserve the plants and trees.

Finding a home means finding one that is right for you and your family’s needs.  Fishhawk Ranch offers a choice in all aspects of creating the perfect home for your needs.  Each home is catered to the individual choices that make the home right for you.  With up to nine different builders (Arthur Rutenberg, Cardel Homes, David Weekly Homes, Henderson Brothers Homes, Hyde Park Builders, Morrison Homes, Nohl Crest Homes, Sabal Homes, and Windward Homes), there is an unlimited choice in creating a home.  With an option of building up to 6,000 square feet, up to five bedrooms, up to five bathrooms, and one or two stories, the home you choose will be personally designed for you.  Price ranges start in the $100,000’s and can range up to $2,000,000.

If you are interested in golfing, Summerfield Crossings Golf Club is conveniently located only fifteen minutes away.  There are several other fine courses in the surrounding area.  Apollo Beach is only twenty minutes away, as the coast is only a drive away.  All of the necessities of life surround the community, as there are cafes, shops, and other needs.  Commuting is easy, as Fishhawk Ranch is inset from the coast, only thirty minutes away from downtown Tampa.  If you are searching for a community that is passionate for life, thrives on community relations, and cares about the environment and a positive lifestyle, then welcome home; welcome to Fishhawk Ranch.

Tips For Buying a Home

image of happy homeownersTampa, FL homes for sale offer a wide variety of options along many different avenues.  Due to the recent economic shifts, a savings for the home buyer is quite possible, but qualifying yourself for the right home is the first order of business.  There are simple steps to purchasing Tampa real estate:  Find a location that is suitable to your needs, make a list of the desires in a home, set a flexible range of spending, and talk to a professional as to how to acquire the home.  If these simple steps are followed, buying a home will be very simple indeed.

Find a location that is suitable for your needs.  As a priority, this may or may not come before the needs of the right house, but either way, it will make a tremendous impact in the decision to buy a home.  Tampa offers a wide variety of locations that are offer many different amenities.   Would a location near the beach be more suitable than inland?  Are there children to consider (schools, neighborhood safety, and community support)?   Does the occupation require a commute, and how far are you willing to commute?  What is the location in relation to daily and weekly and necessities (shopping and dining), as well as weekend activities (golf, tennis, swimming, sporting events)? When it comes to location, these are probably going to be the most pressing concerns.

The next factor in choosing a Tampa home for sale is the needs in the home.  How many bedrooms do you need?  How many bathrooms will be required?  Do you need a yard (a condominium may be a viable alternative)?  Will a single story home be more appropriate or a two-story home? How much total space are you seeking for the home?  Is a garage necessary?

Setting a price may have some predetermined qualifying factors that may be out of your hands, but it is generally a good idea to set you your sights high.  Working from a higher level may allow you to realize that you can obtain something better than what you had in mind.

Seek advice from an expert.  A good place to start is with a Realtor.  A Realtor can steer you in the right direction and assist with the details to allow you to obtain exactly what you want.  A Realtor can answer any questions you have and refer you to the people who can help you the most.

Two important sidebars that will present themselves to you are; are you willing to pay a monthly HOA fee, and what is the condition of the house itself?  There are many great deals that may require a minor investment before everything is in working order.  You may be able to save a lot of money at first, but beware, because there are certain expenses (electrical, plumbing, foundation) that may cost more than the savings.

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Tips For Buying Tampa Condos

Tampa, FL waterfront condos are still in large supply, and can be presently purchased at a very reasonable price.  They had a huge reduction in price in 2006 and 2007.  The numbers have not been calculated for 2008, as of yet, but with the upward trend in the economy, it is almost assured that this percentage will be lower.  There are still many incentive packages offered with reduced mortgage rates, free amenities and much more.  The most important detail is to find a professional Realtor that is willing to go the distance with you and determine a course of action that is most suitable for your needs.

Prices will vary depending upon the location, the square footage offered, and the view.  Determine exactly where would be a perfect spot to enjoy your time the most, and at the same time, feel comfortable with where you live.  A condominium essentially offers convenience; convenience in location and in maintenance.  There are no lawns to cut, no trees, shrubs, or bushes to trim, and there is basically little worry as to the upkeep of your surrounding environment.  With this said, there are still factors of location which will invariably play a role in creating convenience to work, as well as play.  Condos for sale in Tampa may create a convenience by eliminating a commute, but you may want to own a place that is closer to a golf course or perhaps an area where there are children.  Some incentives offered can save a small amount per month, but a large amount in the long term.  Even if the incentive is minor (a reduced HOA expense), do the calculations over a number of years.  Check mortgage rates.  The same system applies.  A small difference in the percentage of a mortgage rate can add up to a large amount.  One of the main reasons why buyers prefer a condominium over a house is the view.  Visit several locations to find a view that will satisfy your needs.  This will determine, by and large, whether you are satisfied with your home environment or not for a very long time.  With the stunning sunset views offered on the coast, as well as the sunrise on the bay, it is no mystery as to why this is an important aspect in locating a proper South Tampa waterfront condo.

Don’t rush into a fantastic deal, unless it suits your needs.  Consult with Lance Mohr (Realtor) before making any snap decisions.  I am here to assist you to find the perfect place for your satisfaction.  A condominium can be a great investment with years of happiness.  The amenities of a pool and a gym offer both convenience and flexibility with a hectic lifestyle.  Downtown Tampa provides an ideal backdrop to a vast array of activities that are literally within walking distance.

Tips For Buying Tampa Bank Owned Homes

image of foreclosure in tampaThere are many ways to save money when buying a home.  But if you unaware of these options, you will probably not look for them.   A bank owned home will normally sell a good percentage below the market price.  Bank owned homes in Tampa offer the buyer lucrative deals that could save thousands in the purchase of your next home.  Here are a few steps to follow in purchasing a bank owned homes:  Seek an area that will be ideal for a home for you, locate and investigate a home that satisfies your needs, seek the aid of a knowledgeable Realtor, and buy when the time is favorable for you, the investor.

The location is important in relation to the price.  Many homes are priced in relation to the neighborhood.  It is a good idea to investigate the area, as well as the community before taking a plunge into investing in a bank owned home.  What are some of the perks?  Is there a view?  Is it close to shopping?  Will the commute be too far?  An inside tip to understanding the area very quickly is to look at the homes and speak with the neighboring residents.  Are the homes in good condition?  Are they content with the surroundings?  The more knowledge acquired about the area, the more that you will know if the location is ideal for you.

Investigate the home.  There may be some hidden details that do not surface straightaway, so thoroughly inspecting a house may provide added information.  Similar to an auto, sometimes a house looks good from the outside, but there may be problems that are not apparent right away.  Check for the major areas first (plumbing, electrical, structure), and then inspect the details (mold is a major health issue that can be unseen).

Seek the knowledge of an expert.  A good Realtor will not only assist you in finding a home that is right for you, but he/she will also refer others who can assist you in making a decision.  A professional Realtor will aid you in finding a great home that has everything you want with your needs in mind, as opposed to shuffling a home that has hidden traps and may require future investing.  Bear in mind, you may be able to save quite a substantial amount of money by purchasing a home that needs work, by investing little more in the future.

Strike when the iron is hot.  Timing is everything.  This may sound like a cliché, but it is very true.  Presently, there are more foreclosures than any other time in history in the United States.  Tampa, Fla foreclosures have created a buyers’ market, which means a substantial opportunity to purchase a home at a lower cost than ever before.

Be realistic about a price.  While some homes may offer a substantial savings (up to 30%), it is unrealistic to think that you will find a million dollar home for only a hundred grand.  There is nothing wrong with trying to save, but a realistic approach will save the Realtor and you valuable time.

It’s Still a Buyer’s Market for Tampa Properties

If you have been searching for a condominium, Tampa is a market that has a vast array of opportunity.  With the recent economic situation, the market is open to a number of lower priced condos for sale in Tampa in any area desired.  Whether you are seeking South Tampa waterfront condos with a city view, or a water view, Tampa is a scenic town with so much to offer.   Key West Landings offers a scenic waterfront view of the Alafia River, which flows directly into the Tampa Bay.  The “Key West” nuance of South Florida is recreated to give this community a unique appeal.  Many of the downtown condominiums offer an enriched view of the city, the ocean, or the bay, as well as a number of first class amenities.  Outdoor pools, deck side bars and grills, and fitness centers are just a few of these benefits.  Other areas, such as Apollo Beach is a quiet set community that is just a twenty minute commute away from downtown Tampa.  An Apollo Beach resident says, “I love living in Apollo Beach. I love the fact that we are a small but growing community. I live in the Covington Park Community (Cromwell division) and my neighbors are the best.”  It is a viable option if you are seeking something outside of Tampa, yet close to the beach.  Wesley Chapel is a suburb just north of Tampa.  Three beautiful golf courses are located in Wesley Chapel, including Saddlebrook Resort and Spa, for unmatched convenience.  If you have children, and are planning to raise them here, Hillsborough County schools are great.  Hillsborough County has the eighth largest school district in the United States consisting of 206 schools (one hundred and thirty three elementary schools, forty two middle schools, two K-8 schools, twenty five high schools and four career centers).

The job market in Tampa is ever expanding, especially in the financial, IT area.  Voted one of the cleanest cities in the United States, Tampa residents are environmentally conscientious.  The wetland preservations and the wildlife protection is a reflection of the concern and care of the residents of Tampa.  There is a sense of community everywhere you go.  The climate is opportune for any outdoor activity nearly all year round, whether you prefer to fish, boat, or simply relax at the beach.  No matter which part of the Tampa area you decide you want to reside, there is something offered for everyone.  Do not hesitate, or you may miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime to enrich your life with a lifestyle of fun in the sun.

New Tampa Homes Offer a Unique Setting

New Tampa is a residential area that encompasses a twenty four square mile area within the city limits of Tampa and a section of Hillsborough County. New Tampa is one of the largest areas in Tampa, as it has rapidly expanded in recent years. homes for sale in New Tampa offer a wide variety of opportunity and affordability not seen in other areas of Tampa. There is no question as to why this area has seen such growth; it is close enough to Tampa to circumvent a long commute, but just out of reach to be considered an urban area. The close proximity to Tampa offers the same features of living downtown: Sporting events are convenient (Raymond James Stadium, Tropicana Field), the beaches are within reach, art galleries and museums are within minutes, and the luxury of the fine dining is accessible.

Homes in New Tampa range from a price of around $125,000 and up. With the population boom starting in the mid-nineties, the development, known as “smart planning,” was specifically geared toward the development into the future. A wide variety of neighborhoods offer a buyer many options which cater to the buyer’s needs. Cory Lake Isles is an exclusive, gated community with lakeside homes, which offer stunning views of a vast 17,000 acre natural wildlife preserve. Homes in Cory Lake Isles start around the mid $200,000 range. Tampa Palms is a grand-styled community, featuring such amenities as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a golf course, and a fitness center. Tampa Palms is located on an area that surpasses 7,000 acres in size, surrounded by approximately 3,500 acres of wildlife preserve. Prices start around $200,000. K-Bar Ranch, one of New Tampa’s newer planned communities offers residents the appeal of comfort with design. With such amenities as tropic landscape, wildlife conservation, a swimming pool, and jogging/walking paths, the starting price in the high $100,000’s is worth the price. Scenic views of ponds and preserve allow the resident to feel like every day is a vacation. Arbor Greene is another one of New Tampa’s master-planned communities. The beautiful surroundings of lakes mixed with wildlife preserve are only one of the many attractions of Arbor Greene. Arbor Greene’s clubhouse is a state-of the-art facility that offers a fitness center, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and several social rooms. Neighboring Flatwoods Park, a 5000+ acre wildlife preserve, Easton Park is an ideal setting for any sized family.

New Tampa has come a long way since it was first settled in the mid 1800’s. The main thoroughfare Bruce B. Downs Boulevard reflects the community’s pride in its area. Two featured golf courses, Hunters Green Country Club and Tampa Palms Golf Club, as well as two public courses, Heritage Isles and Pebble Creek Golf Club, offer choice in golfing experience. With so many options, it is hard to say no to a lifestyle in New Tampa.