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What’s Hot and What’s Not in Tampa Real Estate

Whether you are thinking about listing your home or considering the purchase of a foreclosure or condo while the prices are right, find out what’s hot and what’s not in the Tampa real estate market.

What’s Hot

Personal Spa’s & Big Bathrooms. As the economy tightens, people are spending less on spa treatment but still seeking stress relief. The solution is to create a personal retreat right in your very own home. Big bathrooms with personal spa accessories are in high demand but forget unsanitary water jets, today’s big soaking tubs use sanitary bubble jets combined with chroma-therapy for… Continue reading

Create a Sustainable Lifestyle with Tampa Foreclosures

With its warm weather, great year-round access to beaches and natural amenities plus an abundant supply of foreclosures available for purchase, real estate might be the perfect ticket to creating a long term sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint or simply want to lower your cost of living, foreclosures in Tampa Bay offer a low cost lifestyle that is simply impossible in other cold weather climates.  Save money, enjoy life in the fun and sun of Tampa Florida with these quick tips:

1. Convenience. Tampa is often considered a sprawling city but with a little advance… Continue reading

Existing Home Sales are Up…is this the Bottom?

According to data recently released by the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales have finally posted a gain for the first time in over a year thanks in large part due to the sale of foreclosure properties. Florida is listed as second in the nation for mortgage defaults and also experienced improved sales of single family homes and condos for September. In fact, it is estimated that short sales and foreclosures represented from 30 to 40 percent of sales through September in bubble regions such as California, Nevada, Florida and Arizona.

So, does this mean the worst is over?… Continue reading

Tampa Foreclosures: Fixer-Upper Tips

image of a yellow sticky not - real estateIf you have been considering the purchase of a foreclosure or other Tampa Bay home in need of repairs then here are a few money saving tips and ideas to help you decide if the price is right.

1. Find Out if it qualifies for free money. Depending upon the property, your personal income status, the type of real estate involved and the repair or upgrade being performed there may be free money or rebates available to offset the cost. Common examples include special energy assistance grants or rebates for installing energy efficient air handlers, water heaters or other upgrades.

2. Always… Continue reading

Top Ways to Automate Your Tampa Home Search

image of a computerSearching for Tampa, FL real estate but don’t want to spend hours driving around town looking for homes in all the wrong places? It’s easy to automate your home search with these simple steps:

1. Visit and sign-up for email notification of homes in the area and price range you are searching for – including specialized types of real estate like waterfront condos or foreclosures.

2. Take a Virtual Tour. Most homes have photos available for viewing but why stop there? It’s easier than ever to take a virtual tour of the local surroundings using Google Maps and other free resources.

3. Request… Continue reading

Most Annoying Hidden Home Defects

picture of a tool beltAlmost every Tampa home buyer knows how to keep an eye out for the most major defects when making an offer to purchase a home; roof repairs, electric problems and worn-out carpets can add thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. Unfortunately, some of the most annoying hidden home defects are not the ones likely to show up on an inspection report. fact, many have little to do with the house at all.

Find out the REAL reason many Tampa home sellers want out of their home then use it as a negotiation tool. Remember, value is in… Continue reading

Tampa Real Estate and Crime Rates

When it comes to Tampa property values, schools and crime rates tend to make a major impact on the desirability of a neighborhood. Good schools and low crime rates can increase the value of your home by 10 to 20 percent or more. While it’s relatively easy to find school related information, crime rates are another thing entirely.  Here is what you need to know about Tampa real estate and crime rates:

1. According to the Florida Gang Investigators Association, the greater Tampa Bay area has well over two dozen known gangs in the area including the “Black Hawks”, “W/B-Boys”,… Continue reading

Inflation & Tampa Real Estate

image of CPI measuresThe year was 1973. The Doobie Brothers were singing “Jesus is Just Alright” on the radio which was playing loudly as people cruised the boulevard in cars that got 15 mpg …but nobody cared because gasoline only cost 35 cents a gallon. You could buy a nice middle class home anywhere in the nation for $28,900 and stock it full of groceries for less than $20 a week.

By 1979 things were already beginning to change. The cost of a home had nearly doubled to just under $56,000 even while interest rates crept up from 8 percent to 11 percent.… Continue reading

Remodeling of Older Homes and Asbestos Exposure

Since many are under the impression that asbestos exposure is a concern of the past, few are aware that the remodeling of older homes can lead to hazardous asbestos exposure. With the recent decline in the national housing market, citizens nationwide are opting to remodel homes rather than move, and this could lead to an increase of unnecessary exposures. Although the Industrial Revolution inspired numerous positive, economic, and deceivingly “safe” uses for asbestos, this naturally occurring mineral is unfortunately toxic and considered a veritable carcinogen.  According to the Environmental Working Group Action Fund, approximately 10,000 Americans are claimed annually from… Continue reading

Focus on the Best Foreclosures

Tampa, Fla foreclosures represent a major buying opportunity but a low price along doesn’t justify every purchase. Take time to do your homework to find the best foreclosures and leave the higher risk ones to others with these great tips:

1. Out of Date. Older homes in the Hyde Park or other historic areas of Tampa remain highly desirable while others are simply out of date. The major difference is upkeep, maintenance and appreciation. Older homes may have hidden health risks, huge maintenance and repair costs or other considerations that should be carefully weighed before making a final offer. Changes… Continue reading