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Why You Should Invest in Tampa Bay Foreclosures

Tampa Bay foreclosures are on the rise and there is no better time to buy.  In today’s market it seems as if everyone is looking for a good deal.  Home buyers want a good deal and investors want more property to invest in, so the competition is pretty strong also.  The driving force is the aspiration to buy something for very little.  In reality, they are buying a home for less than market value.  What’s more appealing than that?  There is probably the likelihood that they have to make repairs on the home.  Hopefully it won’t need anything major, like… Continue reading

Tampa Home Auctions and REO’s

There are many advertisements for home auctions in the Tampa area.  You may be wondering how this works and if you will actually get a better deal than a foreclosure home, short sale or a bank owned home.  These types of homes have literally flooded the Tampa bay, Fla real estate market lately and are being sought after by investors and regular buyers.  You must know that with these home auctions you are going to have some pretty stiff competition.  There are also fewer auctions than the typical home selling avenues such as short sales and bank owned properties.

The… Continue reading

Tampa Foreclosure Advice

When it comes to Tampa Bay foreclosures, homeowners are already scared.  They may have tried putting their home on the market and it didn’t sell.  They may have resorted to trying a short sale and that didn’t work either.  The last thing they need is for someone to take advantage of them while they are in a vulnerable state of mind.  If approached by an investor (or someone claiming to be an investor) here are some things to look for and avoid.

• Watch for investors who charge you a fee for signing your home over to them.  Why would… Continue reading

Purchasing a Bank Owned Home in Tampa

In today’s real estate market there are a lot of options to both buyers and sellers alike.  Sellers can decide what type of sale they will accept.  Some will accept cash, financing, owner financing or any other way they want to work with the buyer.  Buyers have options as far as what type of home they want to buy.  For example, they can choose to buy a new home, a pre-owned home, a foreclosure home, an auction home or a bank owned home.

Let’s take the Tampa bay area for example.  The sky is practically the limit when it comes… Continue reading

New Tampa – Now is the Time to Buy

New Tampa continues to be an active real estate market.  The Wall Street Journal recently showed Tampa, Florida as one of the only four metro areas with declining home inventory.   In New Tampa things are still happening and families continue to migrate to Florida from the northern states.  Yes, for the most part they may be trying to escape that cold weather, but New Tampa is truly a wonderful place to call home.  The real estate market for New Tampa is also very appealing for a lot of families.

In an article from Inman News it found that Tampa is… Continue reading

Wesley Chapel Real Estate

If you are in the market for a Tampa home, consider buying real estate in Wesley Chapel.  Wesley Chapel is considered part of the Tampa Bay Area metro and is growing in leaps and bounds.  Wesley Chapel is growing rapidly and families come from all over to populate communities such as Lexington Oaks, Brookside, Seven Oaks, Meadow Pointe, Chapel Pines, and Saddlebrook.  Several townhome developments have been built, Saddle Creek and Santa Fe.  There is also a retirement community being built by Del Webb.   Wesley Chapel real estate has a lot to offer.… Continue reading

Riverview Homes for Sale

If you are in the market for real estate, you’ll want to check out Riverview, FL homes for sale.  The Riverview area is part of Tampa Bay.  Riverview dates back to 1856 and sits on the Alafia River’s south shore.    The term Alafia is translated as “River of Fire” due to the phosphorus on the early river bottom glowing at night.  In 1893 Riverview began to be populated on the north side of the river.  It is also a highly desirable place to live for growing families today.

If you are looking at purchasing a home, you don’t want… Continue reading

Wesley Chapel Homes for Sale

If you are looking for house in Wesley Chapel, you are in the right place.  This community, located in East Pasco County is on the rise.   What used to be pastures filled with citrus trees are now upscale neighborhoods with beautiful homes of Tampa executives and their families.  There are also new shopping centers that continue to be built all around the Wesley Chapel area.

It’s also a hot market for investors who want to buy Wesley Chapel bank owned, foreclosures or short sale homes.  They can put a little money into a home, fix it up and rent… Continue reading

Tampa Real Estate – Hot or Not

There has never been a better time to purchase a home and the Tampa real estate area is definitely getting better.  Real estate has been and remains the best investment available.  It’s something to consider recently, as the economy has been moving up and down.  We may not be sure where our stocks are headed, but you really can’t lose when it comes to purchasing Tampa real estate as an investment.

The media also reports that there aren’t as many homes selling recently.  That’s simply not true.  Within the Tampa housing market, in October 2008, there were 2,097 homes that… Continue reading

Tampa Bay Homes for Sale

The Tampa Bay area of Florida is a wonderful place to live for a lot of reasons.  The weather is beautiful, the sun and the beaches that are close by make it feel like a year-round vacation.  A multitude of families from the northern states have packed up, moved to Tampa won’t ever return to the north.

Tampa Bay homes offer even the pickiest buyer a place to call home.  It’s also Florida’s largest open-water estuary, extending over 1031 square kilometers and forming coastlines of Hillsborough, Manatee and Pinellas counties.  Tampa is about 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico… Continue reading