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Want Tampa Real Estate – But Have Bad Credit?

Now has never been a better time to own a home in the gorgeous city of Tampa, especially as this sunny city is flooded with dirt-cheap foreclosures!  However, if you’re holding back on buying house in Tampa because you have bad credit – and won’t get approved for a mortgage – no need to worry.  Just follow these tips and you’ll be settled into the Florida lifestyle in no time!

1. Have more available cash.  If you put down a large down payment, you’ll be much more likely to be approved for a mortgage, even if you have poor credit.
2. Show… Continue reading

Tampa Foreclosures: Consumer Advocate Takes Aim at Mortgage Fraud

The U.S government is increasingly focused on targeting fraudulent businesses that prey on homeowners struggling to meet their mortgages in an unstable economy where tightened budgets are becoming the norm rather than the exception. We wanted to highlight briefly on at least one individual who is active in efforts to minimize foreclosures in Tampa, FL and fraudulent business practices in the state.

T2E’s veteran staff supports the efforts of Jacksonville Legal Aid attorney April Charney, who has lectured on foreclosure fraud across the country and given significant support to plaintiffs in stemming the tide of fraudulent mortgage activity within her… Continue reading

Tampa Foreclosures: Things to Know Before You Buy

Tampa foreclosuresare widely available and the Tampa2Enjoy (T2E) professionals are here to help you as potential sellers or buyers of such homes get the information you need fast to respond quickly and intelligently to offers.

Let’s quickly discuss a few of the details regarding foreclosures to fill in some gaps you may not be aware of. Most offers on bank-owned homes and properties fail because buyers don’t do their homework to research the property and develop the best possible offer for the lender.

Many people search for foreclosures in Tampa and bank owned homes for sale by searching through classified ads or… Continue reading

New Tampa Homes for Sale – Two Great Communities

New Tampa is located in an area of Florida that is predicted to thrive in the next five years.  As the third largest populated area in Florida, the Tampa area boasts a plethora of activities, culture and sporting events for any lifestyle.  Homes in New Tampa can offer a variety of communities that are both suitable for large families, as well as couples.  Right now, the prices are right on New Tampa homes for sale:  Two, three or even four-bedroom homes are located in a choice of active communities.  Convenience may be a factor, but there is no area in… Continue reading

Tampa Foreclosures: Key Foreclosure Terms

Our local real estate markets are dominated by foreclosed properties, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss a few key terms and their definitions to educate our clients on details that will help them to talk to agents, lenders, property assessors, and other principals involved with the sale of Tampa Bay foreclosures.

What is meant by the term lis pendens?

This is a lender’s formal notice of forbearance to the county court of their intention to file a lawsuit on a property in which a mortgage is currently in default status. Once listed, other parties can inquire… Continue reading