Buying a Luxury Home in Tampa – Getting down to the Details

If you are planning on owning one of those beautiful Tampa Bay luxury homes, the chances are you have high expectations for your the quality of your life.  Keep in mind that moving is definitely one of the more daunting tasks you will ever have to face in life, but when the process is complete you find yourself living in a new environment which meets your family’s current needs.  Those fortunate enough to purchase Tampa luxury homes are some of the most fortunate of potential home buyers there are.

Before we even begin talking about the amazing homes that exist in some of the most amazing Tampa communities let’s talk about the city of Tampa itself.  It sits on the western coast of America’s ‘Sunshine State’ and is a place favored by many tourists who come from the entire globe to see the city of Tampa.  Some might describe the area as a big city, but with a much more cozy and comfortable feel.  And you can hop on the interstate and in a short time end up at places like Disneyworld, Busch Gardens, or some other cool place that you’ll find only when you live in or visit the Tampa Bay area.

But before you can select – and ultimately move into – one of those fine Tampa luxury homes, there are some details that you’ll need to get squared away first.  Below are a few categories where you will need to make sure that you have all details covered.

What About Your Current Home – Are you selling it or renting it out?  If you are renting it out, do you have quality tenants who are qualified and prepared to take over the property when you purchase your new home?  If you are selling the same questions apply, only this time we are talking about buyers (tip: you can have your realtor serve double duty by both selling your current home and representing you in purchasing the next).

Then There’s The Mortgage – if you already have a mortgage, you may want to work with this same company.  But even still there are a lot of questions to be asked and decisions made when it comes to purchasing luxury real estate.  Is there a prepayment penalty?  How much do you have to put down?  Should I do a 15 or a 30?  Where would I like my payment to be?  All of these and more are issues you need to have at least considered before getting too deep into the home buying process.

Coordinating The Actual Move – when the day finally arrives to move, you want to be prepared.  Chances are good that if you can afford to buy luxury homes (in communities like Avila or Davis Island) you will be hiring a moving company to pack and move you.  Be sure to choose a reputable company that you feel can be trusted to handle your belongings and be responsible to safely carry them to your new home.

Live the Life: Purchase a Luxury Home in South Tampa

If you have ever dreamed of living in Florida in a beautiful home with fabulous amenities in an exclusive neighborhood, look no further than the luxury homes for sale in South Tampa.  If you enjoy living the high-life and want access to the best the city of Tampa has to offer – this is definitely the case with South Tampa luxury homes for sale.  Not only are the homes located in the heart of Tampa Bay, but you’ll find South Tampa real estate is also right in the heart of all that is going in within this fabulous city.

If you love sitting or playing by the beach, you won’t have to go too far from South Tampa to find some of America’s most beautiful and pristine beaches.  If you want to visit a beach nearby, check out Ben T. Davis beach; this beach sits right near the city centre and is a great place to go when you don’t want to go too far to enjoy the benefits of being immersed in white sand up to your ankles.  Of course if you want to go all out, then you are going to end up at St. Petersburg/Clearwater; this beach, which sits right across from the Tampa Bay bordering on the Gulf of Mexico, boasts having some of America’s favorite beaches.  So if you have a beach loving family, the luxury homes in South Tampa might be just the place you should look to make your home.

Of course there’s more to do in South Tampa than buy a luxury home and sit at the beach all day; it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a quick drive into the downtown area or just wanting a quick trip to your home from the airport, buying a luxury home in South Tampa can offer you all of that and so much more.  The rich culture and vibrancy of the city of Tampa is all at your fingertips when you are enjoying a life of opulent living in South Tampa.

Just imagine owning a Mediterranean style villa in Beach Park with its classic homes built in the 1920’s and 1930’s where residents have pride in owning real estate in this prestigious part of town.  Or what about a beautiful waterfront home on the amazing Davis Island; Davis Island is so exclusive that it is often called “Doctor’s Island” as a reference to the caliber of residents you can expect to inhabit these luxury homes as potential neighbors.  High rise condo or stand alone home, you can find exactly the type of extravagant living you could ever dream of when you own a home in South Tampa.  But the truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you choose to live in Bayshore, Sunset Park, or Westshore Yacht Club – if you are fortunate enough to own a piece of luxury real estate, consider yourself extremely blessed!

Buy The New – Lease Out The Old

A growing family is sure to find one of the Hyde Park homes for sale to fit their needs.  If you live in one of the amazing South Tampa neighborhoods and are thinking of moving, selling your current home may not be the best idea for you in the current real estate market.  But if you’ve got a growing family and need more space, moving may be what you have to do.  In this case you may need to do what many other homeowners have decided to do when they can’t sell their current home, they lease it out.

Financially speaking, it may be better to wait on selling your current home and find tenants you trust to lease to until you are ready to sell.  After all, if you have dreams of owing real estate and watching your expanding family grow in this spectacular area for family living, why should you be denied?  The South Tampa area is filled with people who may not be in a position to purchase a home at the moment but would like to live in a safe family environment.  If you find someone who fits this description then you may be in a position to create a win-win situation for the both of you.

I see these types of clients often pass through my office looking for my assistance in helping them both lease their current home as well as find a new one.  In fact, I’d say this is one of the key reasons why you’d want to work with a seasoned real estate professional; these are people who not only are familiar with helping you find homes for sale in Hyde Park but also have experience in leasing properties as well.

And it’s not hard to see why a family would be in a rush to find the perfect piece of Hyde Park real estate to purchase.  The area is centrally located; sitting just outside of old Tampa, Hyde Park is one of the most sought after Tampa neighborhoods.  The good news is that with careful planning and proper selection of a realtor to represent your interests there is no reason why you can’t end up living inside one of the most exquisite historic neighborhoods in all of Tampa.

But before you pack your bags and get ready to make an offer on one of the Hyde Park homes for sale, you must first get your own home ready to be listed and shown.  That’s right – you will still need to get your home move in ready.  A realtor can put your home on the Tampa MLS to help you find quality tenants even faster.   The idea is to make your home as attractive as possible so that you can get it under contract; this will put you on the road to searching through the available Hype Park homes so that you may find the one which is the answer to your dreams!

First Time Homebuyers Look to Lutz Homes

If you are a first time homebuyer looking to purchase a home in one of the many gorgeous Tampa communities,  a home in Lutz should be at the top of your search list.  Who wouldn’t love the comfort of a suburban oasis which sits just far enough away from the city center to make a family feel comfortable and safe.  Not only will you find homes that are well built and designed, the beautiful surrounding nature will rise up to meet you as the owner of real estate.

Of course when many are buying their first home the process can seem a bit scary.  As a real estate expert with specialized knowledge of homes selling in the Tampa area, I am well capable of helping to make the process a smoother one.  As a matter of fact, for first time homebuyers, choosing a qualified and experienced real estate agent up front is even more important.  Whether or not you are searching for a home in Cheval or Wellington or among any of the other amazing real estate for sale in Lutz, it will be easy finding a home to love.

How beautiful it would be to drive out of one of those lovely gated communities and be able to access expressways like I-275 and the Dale Mabry with ease.  In addition, Lutz is able to boast of having more than 100 lakes in its communities.  Residents can enjoy water sports and boating or choose to hang out on land where there’s lots to do as well.

It is very likely that if you purchase a home in Lutz you’ll consider new construction.  Because Tampa new homes gives the buyer a lot more opportunities for customization, I want to prepare you for some of the decisions you may be asked to make.  Below are some of the choices you make be able to make with regards to purchasing a newly built home:

Countertops – you’ll be able to choose from butcher block on down to marble and granite.  And not only will you be able to choose what your countertops are made of, you’ll also be able to choose color.

Fixtures – in many cases a first time homebuyer looking to buy homes for sale in Lutz or another Tampa communities will get to choose fixtures.  Things like kitchen and bathroom sink knobs as well as cabinet handles can be left up to the buyer.

Flooring – it doesn’t matter if you want Berber carpet or cherry wood flooring, you’ll have a chance to settle on what works best for you.

Appliances – if you want stainless steel or dishwashing and warming drawers, these are all decisions which can be made by you.

The bottom line is that with proper help, you too can find the best Lutz home as a first time homebuyer or not.  Lutz real estate is among the best in luxury living which mixes city and country comforts so unbelievably well.