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Making Your Tampa House Sell Faster

Today, Tampa real estate is beginning to sell just a bit faster than it has been. For those of us who are trying to sell our houses, that is great news. We’re looking for a quick sale, and also to make as much as we can on the sale in order to pay what we need to for that new housing.

The housing prices are still not up to full bore, which is also great news for the buyer, but not fantastic news for the seller. It means that a little more effort is in order when it comes to… Continue reading

Statistics Show Tampa Home Sales Are Back To Normal

Distressed homes are quite popular for a number of reasons. For one thing, they are much cheaper than a standard home simply because the price on the unit cannot be higher than the price of the mortgage than is already on it. Depending on the mood that the seller is in, you might end up paying double the price in the long run, though most banks are eager to get these homes out of their inventory.

The repossession of a home could be the result of many different factors. Maybe there was a nonpayment issue, or maybe they simply gave… Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Sell Your House Faster – Part Two

The first five tips really concentrated on the facade and on cleaning. If you have a bit more to spend when it comes to getting your house ready to sell, there are a few things that you can do that will net you a far better price and also sell your house quite a great deal faster in most cases. These are a bit more in depth than the other upgrades or updates, but what you put into the house won’t be as much as you think and will quite likely not be nearly what you get out of it… Continue reading

Florida Real Estate Gets High Marks In Fed’s Latest Economic Review

ATLANTA – July 28, 2011 – Florida emerged as something of a stand-out student in the Federal Reserve’s latest report on real estate in the Southeast.

Amid gloomy reports from brokers in the Fed’s Atlanta district, authors of the closely watched economic report card noted Florida was bucking the trend and reporting positive news.

This has been a running theme in the Fed’s monthly Beige Books, with sales of Florida homes outperforming the rest of the South. In tempered language for its July report, the Fed said the Atlanta district’s reports of modest growth in home sales over the prior… Continue reading

Top Ten Tips to Sell Your House for More-Part One

The real estate market is depressed. In fact, a great many markets are depressed right now, so any tricks that you can use to sell your home for a little more are tips that you want to consider. We’ve come up with the top ten ways to accomplish a faster sale for a little more money.

When you’re considering selling your house consider the tips below and try one or two that will work for you in order to attain the best price that you can when you’re selling.

Tip one-Paint your house. It’s been said over and over, but… Continue reading

Cleaning The Exterior of Your Tampa Home

In the Tampa real estate market today, its imperative that we find ways to maximize our investment return. When updating to get ready to sell your home, that will be the most important aspect of the upgrades. Finding the way to keep as much of your money as you can, and to sell your home for as much as you can sell it for is the order of the day.

Most houses these days are a bit under the weather so far as being fresh and clean. If you can’t paint your house, at least use a pressure washer and… Continue reading

What Does a Kitchen Facelift Give To Your Home?

The number one way to assure that your home will sell, will be to be sure that your kitchen is set up to offer all that it can to the family who is seeking a new home. A slight kitchen makeover will be the best thing to sell your house. The kitchen was, in the past, the place to cook a meal and that was about it. Today however, the kitchen does double or even triple duty. It serves as a family gathering area, as well as a place to play games, and many people even eat in their kitchen… Continue reading

2011′s Lowest Mortgage Rates

The experts in the industry say that we’re now experiencing some of the lowest mortgage rates we’re going to see this year. This is according to about 60 percent of the experts in the industry, who tell us that we won’t be seeing a great deal more change so far this year. About a quarter believe that mortgage rates will begin to rise in the remainder of 2011, while the remaining 15 percent of the experts are predicting that we’re going to see further drops in mortgage rates this year.

This week the fixed mortgage rates fell and the lending… Continue reading

Planning To Buy a Foreclosure or REO in Tampa?

For those looking to own a home, without having to spend all your savings, Tampa REO’s and foreclosures are the best bet. The market is full of deals that work in favor of those looking to buy these foreclosed homes. One of the biggest advantages of buying these homes is that they are available at prices that are far cheaper than their actual cost. Also for those looking to buy a foreclosed home, so that you can sell it the future, these homes are the best choice. But there are a lot of things that one needs to know… Continue reading

The Time To Buy a Home In Tampa Is Now

If you are in the market for a home, now is the time to buy. Interest rates have never been as low as they are now. The market is fully stocked with every type and size of house that almost any budget can afford. Every potential buyer needs to do as much to improve their credit score as they can, at least a year before even beginning the process of trying to qualify for a loan. Reduce credit card spending and begin saving money as fast as possible. The market has lower interest rates available but in order to qualify… Continue reading