Making Your Tampa House Sell Faster

Today, Tampa real estate is beginning to sell just a bit faster than it has been. For those of us who are trying to sell our houses, that is great news. We’re looking for a quick sale, and also to make as much as we can on the sale in order to pay what we need to for that new housing.

The housing prices are still not up to full bore, which is also great news for the buyer, but not fantastic news for the seller. It means that a little more effort is in order when it comes to selling your home for the best price that you can get. How do you get a good price on your house? As has been said so often, getting the best price that you can means having a house that has a little more appeal than the other homes on the market. You can accomplish that for a lot less than you might think.

One great way to update your house and get it really noticed is something most of us do not even think of. The bathroom is the last thing we think about updating, but it is one of the places in your house that you can update for a lower price and get a great return. The return on your investment for things as small as an electric towel heater in the bathroom is remarkable.

One coat of paint and a brass towel warmer on your bathroom wall may raise the price of your home as much as 2,000 dollars. Not only that, it will also net you a faster sale. One thing to consider when you’re updating your house for sale, is that if you can’t afford a lot of things, select things that are small and perhaps trivial, but are modern and will be real eye catchers.

Statistics Show Tampa Home Sales Are Back To Normal

Distressed homes are quite popular for a number of reasons. For one thing, they are much cheaper than a standard home simply because the price on the unit cannot be higher than the price of the mortgage than is already on it. Depending on the mood that the seller is in, you might end up paying double the price in the long run, though most banks are eager to get these homes out of their inventory.

The repossession of a home could be the result of many different factors. Maybe there was a nonpayment issue, or maybe they simply gave the home up. When a foreclosure occurs, the property goes back to the lender, whoever the lender happened to be. That being said, let’s talk about the lack of distressed homes in the state of Florida and Tampa in general.

It is no secret that the majority of buyers were going to the state of Florida due to the number of distressed homes that were on the market. The economy however has taken a turn for the better, and the reports of distressed homes within Florida and Tampa itself have dwindled in number. What this all comes down to of course is the fact that Tampa is no longer a buyer’s market. Traditional home sales have seen an increase of nearly 57% in Hillsborough Country along with a 63% increase during March and June.

The statistics have done a great job of demonstrating the plethora of standard home sales in the area, which can be a good thing for some. For instance, if you are trying to obtain a family home then there might be some great deals here for you.

For those who specialize in short sales and distressed homes, this is definitely going to be a fatal blow, but it is is a sure sign that the economy is finally getting back on track in Tampa Florida. Several new homes are popping up which makes Tampa an excellent place to shop. Whether or not this economical high will continue is a matter of debate, and the economy will need to be watch carefully.

No matter what, Tampa Florida will always be a great place to live and work. With the economy on the rise, it is no surprise that so many new businesses are moving in and so many communities are establishing strong ties. Perhaps you are thinking of purchasing a home in the Tampa area, and if so, you will simply need to speak with the local Realtor. There are plenty of great places to live, and you will find that there are several hospitals, schools, and other facilities in this thriving community. Sure it might not be a buyer’s market right now, but that does mean it’s a great place to live. Tampa Florida, on the United State’s own peninsula is an excellent place to hang your hat.

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Top Ten Tips to Sell Your House Faster – Part Two

The first five tips really concentrated on the facade and on cleaning. If you have a bit more to spend when it comes to getting your house ready to sell, there are a few things that you can do that will net you a far better price and also sell your house quite a great deal faster in most cases. These are a bit more in depth than the other upgrades or updates, but what you put into the house won’t be as much as you think and will quite likely not be nearly what you get out of it when it comes to the final sale.

In many cases, putting as little as 2000 dollars into your house can actually raise the price about 10K, depending of course on what you spend your investment to do. The last five tips to a quick and higher sale are:

Build a deck. Everyone loves to spend time outdoors and a deck for entertaining or simply for sitting in the evening is a great investment. It may actually be the one thing that will sell your house for you.

Replace the sidewalks-chances are they are cracked or broken. Replacement will cost you about a thousand dollars for an average sized walkway, but it will net you as much as five thousand more in the house sale.

Consider some professional landscaping Getting your house landscaped and adding a few shade trees and other visual elements will make a huge difference.

Think about a new front door. Those old wooden doors aren’t nearly as welcoming as a great steel door that you paint a striking color. It will say come in quite nicely.

Consider getting some help with trim painting. Painting just the trim on your house particularly a second story home can be difficult but that small amount of paint and labor can net you a great return on the investment.

Florida Real Estate Gets High Marks In Fed’s Latest Economic Review

ATLANTA – July 28, 2011 – Florida emerged as something of a stand-out student in the Federal Reserve’s latest report on real estate in the Southeast.

Amid gloomy reports from brokers in the Fed’s Atlanta district, authors of the closely watched economic report card noted Florida was bucking the trend and reporting positive news.

This has been a running theme in the Fed’s monthly Beige Books, with sales of Florida homes outperforming the rest of the South. In tempered language for its July report, the Fed said the Atlanta district’s reports of modest growth in home sales over the prior year came thanks to the Sunshine State.

“Gains continued to be driven largely by reports from Florida brokers. Outside Florida, the majority of contacts reported sales declined,” the report stated. “The outlook among Florida brokers was somewhat positive, but elsewhere sales are expected to remain weak.”

Tourism fared the best in the Atlanta district’s write up, with Fed authors calling it “strong.” The report noted high-end retail seemed to be gaining traction, though the retail industry as a whole is less optimistic than a year ago.

In all, the Fed described the Southeast’s economy as basically flat compared to June. That’s a bit worse than the description for the national economy as a whole, which the Fed said continued to grow, but at a more modest pace.

The Miami Herald, Douglas Hanks. Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services.

Top Ten Tips to Sell Your House for More-Part One

The real estate market is depressed. In fact, a great many markets are depressed right now, so any tricks that you can use to sell your home for a little more are tips that you want to consider. We’ve come up with the top ten ways to accomplish a faster sale for a little more money.

When you’re considering selling your house consider the tips below and try one or two that will work for you in order to attain the best price that you can when you’re selling.

Tip one-Paint your house. It’s been said over and over, but it bears repeating. If you can paint it, do so because it will get you the best price that you can get.

Tip Two-Upgrade that kitchen. Even if it is something as simple and easy as a new sink or faucet that won’t cost you a great deal, add something new and shiny to the kitchen of your house. It’s going to get noticed as soon as someone comes into the house.

Tip Three-Replace a few older windows. Even if you can’t get them all, replace older windows in the front of your house in order to get a great price on your house. New windows scream new house at the prospective buyers.

Tip Four-Add some type of siding. Again, you may not be able to entirely do your house, but for at least the front aspect, add siding. You will quite likely get back in the upgraded price far more than you put into the siding.

Tip Five-Finish the basement. Add flooring or walls to it and you’re going to raise the price of your house at least five thousand dollars and it likely won’t cost that amount to do some nominal fixes.

Cleaning The Exterior of Your Tampa Home

In the Tampa real estate market today, its imperative that we find ways to maximize our investment return. When updating to get ready to sell your home, that will be the most important aspect of the upgrades. Finding the way to keep as much of your money as you can, and to sell your home for as much as you can sell it for is the order of the day.

Most houses these days are a bit under the weather so far as being fresh and clean. If you can’t paint your house, at least use a pressure washer and get the grime off of it. Fresh clean homes will sell for more than those which are inundated with dirt from the street. Think about it. If you had the opportunity to go to the grocery store, would you be more inclined to buy the box covered in dust and soot, or the clean box that was the same price. The same principle applies when you purchase a home.

If you have the chance to paint, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, do it. Getting your family together for a big meal and to paint the house is a great way to get it accomplished for less and to spend some quality family time too. Painting parties can be a lot of fun and can help you to keep more of your cash in your pocket when it comes time to paint your home.

With the Tampa real estate market today, anything that you can do that will help you to be able to make just a few more dollars in the sale of your home is something that you should at least try to accomplish. Cleaning your home will net you a faster sale and a few more dollars while you’re at it. Isn’t it worth a weekend of your time?

What Does a Kitchen Facelift Give To Your Home?

The number one way to assure that your home will sell, will be to be sure that your kitchen is set up to offer all that it can to the family who is seeking a new home. A slight kitchen makeover will be the best thing to sell your house. The kitchen was, in the past, the place to cook a meal and that was about it. Today however, the kitchen does double or even triple duty. It serves as a family gathering area, as well as a place to play games, and many people even eat in their kitchen as well as prepare meals together. Getting a kitchen makeover means that the primary spot where the activity will take place is going to look good and offer a great service to you.

If you’re considering a kitchen makeover for selling your home and you’re on a budget, there are a few things you can offer to your prospective buyers that will nail down the sale. One of the first things that is going to be noticed is the sink. If you’ve got standard faucets, try adding some raised faucets so that you can give your kitchen a little lift and offer more room in the sink. Shiny new faucets seem to make the entire kitchen seem brighter and cleaner. If the sink is a bit stained, consider having it professionally resurfaced or adding a low cost stainless steel sink to the kitchen.

Paint can do a world of wonder to the kitchen. Painting your kitchen on off white and just adding a low cost border from the wallpaper store can give the entire kitchen a bright new look and actually add value to it as well. Clean will sell so make sure that the entire place is scrubbed clean before you have people in to view it.

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2011’s Lowest Mortgage Rates

The experts in the industry say that we’re now experiencing some of the lowest mortgage rates we’re going to see this year. This is according to about 60 percent of the experts in the industry, who tell us that we won’t be seeing a great deal more change so far this year. About a quarter believe that mortgage rates will begin to rise in the remainder of 2011, while the remaining 15 percent of the experts are predicting that we’re going to see further drops in mortgage rates this year.

This week the fixed mortgage rates fell and the lending rate on a fifteen year loan went to the very lowest it has been this year, dropping from 3.75 to 3.65. Likewise, the 30 years fixed rate also went down. It dropped to 4.5 from a 4.60 where it was last week according to Freddie Mac, releasing the information last Friday morning. The rates on mortgages usually will track along with the bond yields that are seen on 10 year notes. Last week these fell fairly sharply after jobs data, which was seen as nothing if not dismal, showed little sign of rising. Typically the bond yields will drop as pricing begins to rise.

Very depressed values on homes as well as lowered mortgage rates seem to be preventing the revival of a better housing marketing. Most people, however, do not seem able to take advantage of the lower mortgage rates due to caution because of a very weak economy and a still higher rate of unemployment.

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Planning To Buy a Foreclosure or REO in Tampa?

For those looking to own a home, without having to spend all your savings, Tampa REO’s and foreclosures are the best bet. The market is full of deals that work in favor of those looking to buy these foreclosed homes. One of the biggest advantages of buying these homes is that they are available at prices that are far cheaper than their actual cost. Also for those looking to buy a foreclosed home, so that you can sell it the future, these homes are the best choice. But there are a lot of things that one needs to know before you invest in a REO or foreclosure in Tampa.

Prospective buyers are generally forbidden to inspect the house before buying. This could be very tricky as you do not know the extent of repairs that’s needed to maintain the house. This is particularly true in circumstances when you are buying on a strict budget. Another expenditure that the prospective buyer is likely to incur is the property taxes and debts that the seller was unable to clear. Houses that need minimum sprucing up or can make do with a little ‘do it yourself job’, are the best bet. But the challenge here is to find the right house.

There are different stages of foreclosures and knowing these is important before you make a purchase. Many a times, the seller is aware that he is likely to go for a foreclosure as he isn’t up to date on his payments. The seller here has a deadline that he has to meet and will agree on a short sale, provided the bank agrees to it. This distress sale is sometimes difficult for buyers who have had to arrange for payments immediately.

The second stage is when the property comes up for auction. As mentioned earlier the risk of unknown expenditure is too high. Also one needs to keep cash ready at hand to out win the highest bidder.

The last and final stage is when the property becomes an REO or Real Estate Owned property. The bank now owns the property and is looking to resell it to get back as much as possible. You could find these properties through real estate agents. The older the property in the hands of the bank, the better is your position to negotiate. Banks generally do not like to own property and are likely to sell it as early as possible.

Before you invest in a foreclosed property, remember to get a full approval from a mortgage lender who has assessed your income and assets. This letter gives you a better credibility when negotiating. You could also get an inspection done and base your negotiations on the report of these inspections. A foreclosed house is a great deal, provided you play your cards well.

The Time To Buy a Home In Tampa Is Now

If you are in the market for a home, now is the time to buy. Interest rates have never been as low as they are now. The market is fully stocked with every type and size of house that almost any budget can afford. Every potential buyer needs to do as much to improve their credit score as they can, at least a year before even beginning the process of trying to qualify for a loan. Reduce credit card spending and begin saving money as fast as possible. The market has lower interest rates available but in order to qualify for it you have to have at least twenty percent down to qualify for all the perks.

Find a mover and shaker among the Realtors in the area that you would like to live in. A good Realtor will help locate good mortgage rates, and will be able to negotiate the deal to closing, which will save the buyer valuable time and often a lot of money. Realtors work with each other to put buyer and seller together and present the deal to both sides, hopefully close enough to get some dialogue going that will send the venture into negotiations.

Depending on the area of the country you are looking at for purchasing a piece of property you have selection on your side. You are also going to be looking at deals where the current owner is upside down, has two mortgages and has lost a job and the mortgage company is starting foreclosure. These types of deals are out there and a good Realtor is on top of the proceedings on a day to day basis. They have the properties and opportunities for well qualified buyers with sterling credit and large down payments. The sooner a buyer starts paying down debt, getting out of debt and saving money, the sooner the dream of home ownership can be realized.

Recent banking and mortgage scandals made the purchase of a home a curse on millions of purchasers. The homes were repossessed and bad situations began. That is one of the reasons that saving as much money as you can will keep you out of the mess the first buyer got into. Your Realtor will be very accessible and very responsive when you inform them that you have been prequalified for enough to buy your home and have enough money to meet the down payment and closing fees. The process of closing is worth every penny! Both sides know all the facts, the survey, liens, back taxes, and any information that could cloud the title will be brought into the light and legal changes and renegotiations will keep the transaction fluid.

Title insurance is a must, especially if the property was in distress. Title insurance is very inexpensive and will be responsible for any errors or omissions that could prevent a clear and clean transfer of title and deed to the purchaser. The help that your Realtor provides, and the time saving the potential buyer receives is invaluable. There are so many details which a Realtor must oversee that the commission is well earned and fair to all concerned, especially when that perfect home is located and purchased, with the help of a hard working Realtor.

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