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Does Buying A Home In Tampa Florida Make Good Financial Sense?

If you are like many people thinking of buying a home in Tampa or anyplace in Florida, you may have friends and relatives questioning your sanity. If you are wondering whether buying a home in Tampa, Florida makes good financial sense, there are a few thoughts to ponder. Are you wondering why you are buying a home, in the first place?

It’s true that those who bought property a few years ago have suffered a financial loss of equity, if they are trying to liquidate at a profit. For those that held onto their home, the loss won’t occur, unless… Continue reading

Survey: 5 Homebuying Myths

Overall, today’s homebuyers tend to be fairly knowledgeable about the real estate market, but there are still a few points of confusion in the process, especially for buyers just entering the market. Here are the five main areas of confusion found in a survey by Zillow:

• Appreciation: About 42 percent of homebuyers believe home values will appreciate by 7 percent a year. Reality: Historically, home values in a normal market appreciate by 2 to 5 percent in a year.

• Appraisals: 56 percent of the buyers said the purpose of the appraisal was to determine if a home was… Continue reading

About Tampa Florida

Located on the western coast of Florida, Tampa may seem like one of the smaller metropolitan cities, but it’s big on culture, infrastructure and it’s considered a booming port city, besides being a major business hub. The Tampa Bay area includes Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, but the four-county area contains almost 3 million residents, with approximately 338,000 living in Tampa.

You may be familiar with Tampa because of Busch Gardens or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but there are plenty of reasons to learn about the Tampa Florida lifestyle. If you are looking for a great place to raise a family or retire… Continue reading

Bargains Abound: What Are Buyers Waiting For?

NEW YORK – Oct. 28, 2011 – With low home prices and ultra-low interest rates, the housing market now offers “perhaps the best deals of a generation,” notes a recent article by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Since the housing boom of 2006, home prices have fallen about 31 percent. Also, mortgage rates have been hovering at record lows for the past few weeks  – in the 4 percent range or even lower on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages, according to Freddie Mac’s mortgage market survey.

“It’s hard to see the possibility of losing on a home purchase right now, with these mortgage rates,” says… Continue reading

Buying Versus Renting In Tampa, Florida

There are reasons to purchase your home, in Tampa, Florida. While the housing market is changing every place, stabilization is taking place in the Tampa Bay area. Before prices start going higher, it’s an excellent time to analyze the benefits of purchasing a home in Tampa, versus renting. Everybody knows about the beautiful year-round climate, but there are other reasons to consider.

It’s no longer true that renting is cheaper than home ownership. In fact, 71% of the largest U.S. cities offer a cost-savings, when you purchase a home, instead of renting. The same is true of Tampa, since a… Continue reading

A Profile Of Tampa Florida

When getting in on the Florida housing market bottom, finding the ideal location could be your biggest problem. Once you study a profile of Tampa Florida, you may find it more attractive than Orlando or Miami. While it sits on the Gulf Coast waters, they are more peaceful, compared to the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida. Many people consider Tampa to be on the “relaxing” side of Florida.

While the Everglades National Park encompasses a large portion of the southern Florida Peninsula, there are many tourist attractions close to Tampa. Real estate agents in Tampa are especially keen on the… Continue reading

Tampa Florida Is Active In The International Markets

As a global economy has become increasingly obvious, it’s important to know that Tampa Florida is active in the International markets. Tourism and healthcare are seeing employment growth in Tampa, primarily because of the International visitors that frequent Florida and the Tampa area, for sightseeing and tourist attractions.

With the Internet, Florida’s massive transportation system and the ideal climate, many manufacturer representatives are relocating to Florida and Tampa, in particular. Since it’s possible to be involved in the International marketplace without leaving home, more people are searching for affordable housing choices in Tampa, Florida. International trade is a bright spot,… Continue reading

Neighborhoods And Communities Of Tampa, Florida

The neighborhoods and communities in Tampa, Florida consist of annexed communities, which form the metropolitan area. Of the other communities, you will find certain characteristics to be considered, if you are interested in relocating to the area. While the city is divided into larger segments, referred to as North Tampa, South Tampa, West Tampa, and East Tampa, the beautiful skyline is attributable to Downtown Tampa.

Perhaps you’ve heard of suburbs, such as Sulphur Springs, Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights or Davis Islands. Tampa Palms, College Hill, Hyde Park, Ybor City or Forest Hills are other names… Continue reading

Fun Things To Do In Tampa, Florida

If you’re searching for fun things to do in Tampa, you don’t have to look very hard. There are so many different fun things to do for couples, families and friends that you may have a difficult time deciding. Fortunately, they are near and don’t require much travel time.

The best-known fun thing to do in Tampa is visiting Busch Gardens, and it offers an amazing experience and a great value for families. It’s less crowded than theme parks in Orlando, yet offers an amusement park and zoo, rolled into a single location. You can feed tropical birds, visit… Continue reading

Going Fishing in Tampa, Florida

Undoubtedly, there will be some people interested in fishing on the Tampa Bay and the Gulf waters, when visiting Tampa, Florida. You won’t be disappointed and there are many ways to enjoy the year-round fishing seasons. Charter boats are the best way to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico or the Bay. Experienced captains can take you to where snook, redfish, trout, grouper, snapper or amberjack are waiting.

You will find certain charter boat companies specialize in certain depths and species, so it helps to know a little bit about what kind of fishing you hope to participate in. The captains… Continue reading