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Home Prices Rise in Most Major U.S. Cities

Home prices rose in March from February in most major U.S. cities for the first time in seven months. The increase is the latest evidence of a slow recovery taking shape in the troubled housing market.

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index shows that prices increased in 12 of the 20 cities it tracks.

Three of the weakest markets reported signs of improvement. Prices increased in Tampa and Miami, while prices in Las Vegas were unchanged.

The biggest month-over-month increases were in Phoenix, Seattle and Dallas. Prices dropped sharply in Detroit, Chicago and Atlanta.

The increases partly reflect… Continue reading

Tampa Real Estate Status

Not only is Tampa known for its highly rated schools, unique shops and quiet neighborhood, it is also known for its booming real estate status. This beautiful peninsula has been developed to offer great housing opportunities, including single family homes, condominiums, villas and many others. What’s more exciting is the strategic location of modern Tampa communities, making commutes from home to work and vice versa shorter and more convenient – not to mention that major hospitals and other essential amenities are only a few minutes drive. Every neighborhood in Tampa has a unique character that you and your family will sure enjoy.

From popular subdivisions to modern high-rise building homes, there are limitless options for your new address. For instance, down at northwest Tampa, you get a gated community with exclusive access to golf courses, tennis courts and other sports and leisure amenities. Upscale and gated subdivisions await you and your family in Tampa’s more exclusive subdivisions, boasting multi-million dollar clubhouses and leisure opportunities that only residents can enjoy. In addition to the excellent weather that Tampa residents enjoy, more luxury abounds its high-end properties and more prestigious addresses. Prices of new homes range from $200,000 to millions. Continue reading

Take a Look at New Downtown Tampa Condos

Trendy and urban Tampa neighborhoods are now on the rise. With Tampa condos, living within walking distance of the community’s busiest spots has been made possible. Imagine living where everything happens. Right at that corner is your favorite shopping mall, which is only a few steps away from your office. Having the leisure of walking through the park while going home from work or fetching the kids from school makes these living abode most inviting. Turning great architectural works into modern homes have become most profitable in this part of sunny Florida. Combining the essence of city vibe into suburban quiet family homes has never been made this exciting.

A few years ago, today’s busy Tampa districts were practically ghost towns. Thanks to the community’s supportive financing and strategic real estate projects, this once boring suburban community evolved into a modern yet family-friendly community. Condo projects approved by the FHA have created homes for thousands of families who saw the convenience and practicality of living in Tampa. Apparently, the list for either rental or condos for sale have become very limited. This only shows that more and more families are beginning to come to Florida and change their address to Tampa. Continue reading

It’s About Time to Move to New Tampa

Perhaps you are one of the dozens of people who have been contemplating on the decision to move to Tampa. With this thought in mind, you are running questions like “what could be the best communities in Tampa?” or “where are the best schools in Tampa located?” If you are moving with your family, there are more considerations to think about. Hence, looking for the “best” has always been part of the house hunting experience. Thankfully, the area is brimming with great housing opportunities that will suit your preferences and financial status. Continue reading

Apollo Beach Homes in Tampa Bay, Florida

Apollo Beach has premium waterfront properties that offer you a panoramic view of nature in its magnificent glory. Here, you will find some ‘dreams come true’ real estate properties at affordable prices. You can relax and enjoy in complete peace and perfect harmony the lush greenery of nature, or the many waterways leading to the spacious Tampa Bay. Recently, Apollo Beach has seen a rush of prospective home buyers, as the prices are still cheaper in comparison to other area homes. Large planned communities have come up in Apollo Beach along with all modern amenities for recreation like golf courses,… Continue reading

Bidding Wars On Florida Homes

Bidding wars are emerging from Homestead to Weston, as house sales and prices take off, further reinforcing the end of a prolonged market slump.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom, bank-owned condo in Coral Springs excited 64 offers within 10 days– selling for $ 71,000 on Tuesday, or 34 percent over its $ 53,000 listing price.

“It was a feeding frenzy. I have actually never seen anything like it,” pointed out Marta DuPree, broker associate and vice president of the Keyes Business in Coral Springs. “It was a rentable structure, so all the venture capitalists were out.”

In Broward County, the median list… Continue reading

Finding Housing Opportunities in Tampa

Tampa is filled with great housing opportunities that you and your family must take advantage of. The area lies in a location perfect for a quiet city life with the luxury of nearby seas. Whether you are searching for a gated community or friendly neighborhood, there will surely be a property that will meet your preferences. Now if you seek comfortable lifestyle minus the high cost for your Tampa property, you may consider investing in one of the many luxury homes in Tampa. Not only will it give your investments a boost. It will reward you and your family with… Continue reading

Seven Oaks – It’s Time to Change Your Address

seven oaks imageIt’s nice to see your family grow into a place where children can attend school keep play dates with their neighbor and friends and forge lasting memories and relations that will match a lifetime. It’s nice to live in a community that promises nothing less of safety, security and convenience that you and your family deserve. After a long day at work, it’s nice to bear less time driving to your home’s warm meals, surrounded by your family. The opportunities that Seven Oaks homes give you are the chance to make your dream for a quiet and fulfilling community for… Continue reading

Listings Grow Scarce

While the past six years have actually been marked by skittish house-hunters scared to get off the fence and purchase, real estate agents now face owners willing to place their homes on the market for the inexpensive rates they currently want.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that the amount of U.S. residences up for sale in March slumped 22 percent from a year earlier to 2.37 million– or a supply of 6.3 months, which is thought about a well balanced degree between buyers and sellers. Last month, nonetheless, Redfin points out that stocks shrank to less than a… Continue reading

Real Questions from Real Buyers

The real estate business has been picking up pace in Tampa, Florida. The increasing number of families who decided to move and enjoy an exciting new life in sunny Florida might explain this scenario a little bit. To better understand how things work when buying new homes in Tampa, take a look at these common client questions:

“What do you mean by high-rated homes?”

When most buyers’ focus on the price tag of properties presented to them, smarter buyers must focus more on property ratings. Homes located near a great school or quiet and family-friendly neighborhood normally get higher… Continue reading