New Tampa

Construction of Capri Isle to Finalize the Dream of Cory Lake Isles

The Tampa area will soon see the completion of Cory Lake Isles in New Tampa. The 27 acres of vacant land set aside for Phase 7 in 2006 is scheduled for construction as early as April or May. Kolter Land Partners (KLP) has named the development Capri Isle. The developer expects to see a great deal of interest now that the market for homes in Tampa FL is recovering steadily.

Jim Harvey, president of KLP, recently discussed the changes to the original plans. A total of 115 single-family homes will take the place of previously planned townhomes. Each house will be built on two townhouse lots measuring approximately 50 feet in width and 90 feet in depth. This is less land than other homes in Cory Lake Isles, reducing the size of the proposed 3 and 4 bedroom homes to 1700 to 2900 square feet.

Ryan Homes, which has built homes in Pinellas County and Orlando, has been selected to complete the last phase for this beautiful community.

The original founder and developer, Gene Thomason, sold the proposed townhome lots of Capri Isle to Avatar Homes. Bonds were left for the community to cover when Avatar walked away as the housing market crashed. According to Harvey, Kolter purchased the phase 7 property through a tax deed, a result of the unpaid assessments and bonds.

The Community Development District (CDD) will benefits from the project because of the relief from the huge financial community debt. Kolter restructured the debt with the purchase of the Capri Isle property. A financial plan has been developed that will even pay off one bond earlier than scheduled.

Also promised is a resort-style community pool for all of the Cory Lake Isles residents. A waterslide, paver decks and premium bathhouse are included in the plans. Although some residents have noted their disapproval of this latest plan, the overall response is favorable. The CDD is quick to point out that the pool is a winning feature for the community.

The deal, finalized in November, brought resolution to another issue that was previously overlooked. The traffic light that was to be put up at the Cross Creek Blvd. entrance when the Cory Lake Professional Center was constructed was never installed. That oversight will be corrected, emphasizing the belief of the KLP, the CDD and Ryan Homes that this final phase will be successful.

For more information about homes in New Tampa, Capri Isle at Cory Lake Isles or Ryan Homes, call Lance Mohr at 813-317-4009

How to Get Your Own Home Listings

If you are planning to change your address with a New Tampa home, then you need to get yourself comprehensive home listings to make a better buying decisions. There are so many great housing opportunities that real estate in Tampa has to offer. Despite the massive number of realtors in your area which may offer assistance in giving you home listings, you must also do some research about other housing prospects. Instead of simply scraping by the list and information that one realtor provides, it would be a wise move to get your own listings.

Local listings of homes are not that hard to find. First thing to do is to check out the local newspapers and newsletters, which you may get as you sit down and take your coffee from one of the local shops. Another smart option is turning your Internet browser to Tampa real estate and checking out some local realtor websites. These should conveniently provide you with the pictures and descriptions of properties as well as free listings and contact information for the properties that you initially liked. Now contacting people in charge of these properties is easier. Each website and published materials comes with all the information you need to schedule a site or open house visit at your most convenient time. [Read more…]

Tampa Real Estate Status

Not only is Tampa known for its highly rated schools, unique shops and quiet neighborhood, it is also known for its booming real estate status. This beautiful peninsula has been developed to offer great housing opportunities, including single family homes, condominiums, villas and many others. What’s more exciting is the strategic location of modern Tampa communities, making commutes from home to work and vice versa shorter and more convenient – not to mention that major hospitals and other essential amenities are only a few minutes drive. Every neighborhood in Tampa has a unique character that you and your family will sure enjoy.

From popular subdivisions to modern high-rise building homes, there are limitless options for your new address. For instance, down at northwest Tampa, you get a gated community with exclusive access to golf courses, tennis courts and other sports and leisure amenities. Upscale and gated subdivisions await you and your family in Tampa’s more exclusive subdivisions, boasting multi-million dollar clubhouses and leisure opportunities that only residents can enjoy. In addition to the excellent weather that Tampa residents enjoy, more luxury abounds its high-end properties and more prestigious addresses. Prices of new homes range from $200,000 to millions. [Read more…]

Take a Look at New Downtown Tampa Condos

Trendy and urban Tampa neighborhoods are now on the rise. With Tampa condos, living within walking distance of the community’s busiest spots has been made possible. Imagine living where everything happens. Right at that corner is your favorite shopping mall, which is only a few steps away from your office. Having the leisure of walking through the park while going home from work or fetching the kids from school makes these living abode most inviting. Turning great architectural works into modern homes have become most profitable in this part of sunny Florida. Combining the essence of city vibe into suburban quiet family homes has never been made this exciting.

A few years ago, today’s busy Tampa districts were practically ghost towns. Thanks to the community’s supportive financing and strategic real estate projects, this once boring suburban community evolved into a modern yet family-friendly community. Condo projects approved by the FHA have created homes for thousands of families who saw the convenience and practicality of living in Tampa. Apparently, the list for either rental or condos for sale have become very limited. This only shows that more and more families are beginning to come to Florida and change their address to Tampa. [Read more…]

Tampa Waterfront Properties

For many retirees and homeowners the best part of living in Tampa is to have a home or condo on the waterfront where the glorious mixture of sand and water provide plenty of opportunities for relaxation and entertaining. There are great advantages to living in this area, with properties within easy walking distance to the sandy beaches as well as the cultural restaurants and shopping that is located nearby. Tampa waterfront properties are not exclusive to one specific area of beachfront locations there are numerous homes and condos for sale along the huge stretch of waterfront property. In addition to buying homes on the beach, Tampa waterfront properties are the types of homes that investors are interested in purchasing.

Tampa waterfront properties are designed to provide one level living that makes it easy for homeowners who are usually retirees to be mobile and have a higher quality of life than those in more demanding climates and geographic areas. Tampa has received awards for cleanest city and best city to retire; these along with outstanding medical facilities make it a top choice to live. The history and culture of the Tampa allows for a diverse style of homes and condos that are available. Waterfront properties are designed to handle the norms of wind, water and waves that occur on the coast.

The best part of living in the Tampa area is the availability of a wide range of amenities and lifestyles that are designed to appeal to everyone. There are Tampa waterfront communities that appeal to the younger generation just out of college or the university; settled families with children and adults. Some of the waterfront communities are designed for specific ethnic groups according to ages or income levels. The use of fantastic connections for online business and fast public transit systems means that it is easier for residents to travel without dealing with the traffic problems. Tampa waterfront properties are among the most highly sought after real estate in the state of Florida; they have the best to offer homeowners in the area or those who are looking to relocate.


Tampa Palms Homes for Sale – A Beautiful Tampa Community

Tampa Palms homes for sale are for those families looking to live in a place that will make them truly happy.  The reason why people are looking for an atmosphere of joy when choosing a home to buy is because they are not only looking for a place to sleep, but also a place of rest.  Parents work and children go to school; so having a home environment which brings lots of peace and good time is important.

One of the most popular communities in Tampa offers an inviting atmosphere to potential home buyers.  While not a science, there are some ways to tell if you’ve picked a home in an area that your family will find fun.  Riding down the streets of some of the beautiful Tampa communities and seeing children riding bikes would be a good sign.  Manicured lawns and well maintained homes is yet another indicator that you’ve found a good neighborhood where you can search for a home.

This idea of fun can also be taken on a more literal journey as you find out about all the ‘fun’ things to do in this community which stretches out over 7,000 acres of land, lakes, and nature preserves.  Residents of the largest of the communities in New Tampa get to enjoy an array of activities that will tickle anyone’s fancy.  If you can serve and volley, you may enjoy stepping on the court and just hitting some balls or even playing a full set of Tennis; or, purchase a home for sale in Tampa Palms and take a dip in the pool on one of those sunny Tampa days (which are many).

Another great thing about Tampa Palms is that you can find everything to fit your needs in this, the largest of the Tampa communities.  Up until now there have been two phases (the first began in 1991) and currently Tampa Palms is in its third phase of development.  What that means for a potential buyer is a diversity of not only the type of home, but also in the ages of the homes.  You will be able to buy a home which has had a previous owner or you can buy a home newly built.

Are you a hip young professional looking to buy your first townhome?  What about an expanding family looking to get a customized home?  What about the couple looking for their starter home?  All of these can be found in Tampa Palms homes.  In this fabulous community, something can be found for everybody.

Remember, the main point here is that Tampa Palms homes for sale are the types of homes where a family can live and have fun.  And not only this, but it is the type of community where you don’t just have a house, what you’ll have is a home.  After all the hard work and school, this community can be just the place to turn to when you want to find a stress-free zone where you can find joy and relaxation.

New Tampa Homes for Sale

New Tampa is an area in Florida (not to be mistaken with Tampa) that encompasses both a 24-square-mile area within the corporate limits of the City of Tampa, as well as a larger land area that is in unincorporated Hillsborough, but retains a Tampa mailing address.  The incorporated portion of “New Tampa” that lies within the city limits of Tampa is one of the largest city neighborhoods and has a multitude of homes for sale.  The area has grown rapidly since being annexed by the city of Tampa in 1988.

The explosive growth of New Tampa has brought a lot of families to town looking for New Tampa, FL homes.   Among the choices these families have is to choose a brand new home from a reputable New Tampa builder, such as the following:

• New Tampa Homes built by Ashton Woods are designed to complement a diverse range of lifestyles and offer the energy-efficiency, luxury, quality and value you’d expect from one of the nation’s premier new home builders.

• Mercedes Homes takes pride in designing and building thousands of homes each year. Builder Magazine ranks Mercedes Homes as the 20th largest builder in the nation.  At Mercedes Homes, distinctive design has been coupled with a need to innovate.

• KB Home has been a builder of quality homes for fifty years. With KB Home’s Built to Order experience, you’ll enjoy high-quality construction, unique architecture, dedicated customer service and design features from trusted brands that all come together to create your one-of-a-kind home.

• Ryland Homes has the experience needed to ensure that everything comes together in the right way so you can begin making a lifetime of memories in your new home.  At Ryland Homes, they do everything and more so you can feel the quality that goes into your home the moment you step inside. Yet one of the biggest testaments to their quality is that fact that hundreds of Ryland employees – the people who build the homes – are also Ryland homeowners.

So, rest assured that when you choose a new home in New Tampa and rely on the new home builder experience, you will definitely be in good hands.  You will have top quality and customer service next to none.

Cory Lake Isles – A New Way to Enjoy Life

Cory Lake Islesis a luxury community located in New Tampa, one of the fastest growing areas in Tampa Bay.  Cory Lake Isles is just off of I-75, ten minutes north of Interstate 4, and about twenty minutes away from downtown Tampa.  Upon entering the gated community lined with canary palms, pristine landscape, and hand-laid bricks to form the boulevard, it is easy to forget the hustle and bustle of life.  Cory Lake Isles is unique in every sense of the word; nestled upon ten miles of shoreline on Tampa’s largest lake, the views are spectacular.  17,000 acres of Florida wildlife preserve is the natural environment that surrounds this enchanted community.  The Flatlands Wilderness Park is ideal to capture nature in its own environment.

Beautifully displayed homes are set upon quarter acre to three quarters of an acre land tracts that offer most homes a view of the lake, the canal, or the conservation lands.  Custom homes are built to accommodate any sized family, ranging from around $250,000 to $3,000,000.

There is always something to do at Cory Lake Isles.    An extravagant beach club offers tennis, volleyball, and a high-tech, innovate fitness center.  There is canoeing, boating, biking and jogging.  There is even a roller hockey rink and a recreation island!  Take a ride on a boat or water ski from the dock located in the backyard.  Take advantage of the 6,000 square foot club to entertain guests with a party or celebrate the memories of a timeless occasion.

Schools in New Tampa are top-rated.  Children who reside at Cory Lake Isles can attend Wharton High School.  The younger ones will attend Pride Elementary or Benito Middle School.  Shopping and dining are convenient, as Bruce B. Downs Boulevard offers a variety of conveniences for any need, including a new shopping mall underway.

Cory Lake Isles offers more than living; it is living with fun, adventure, and comfort.  With so many things to do, the only problem may be finding time to do it.  As the sun sets on the lake and the day is winding to a close, it will be nice to know that making a decision to choose Cory Lake Isles is the right one for the entire family.

New Tampa Homes Offer a Unique Setting

New Tampa is a residential area that encompasses a twenty four square mile area within the city limits of Tampa and a section of Hillsborough County. New Tampa is one of the largest areas in Tampa, as it has rapidly expanded in recent years. homes for sale in New Tampa offer a wide variety of opportunity and affordability not seen in other areas of Tampa. There is no question as to why this area has seen such growth; it is close enough to Tampa to circumvent a long commute, but just out of reach to be considered an urban area. The close proximity to Tampa offers the same features of living downtown: Sporting events are convenient (Raymond James Stadium, Tropicana Field), the beaches are within reach, art galleries and museums are within minutes, and the luxury of the fine dining is accessible.

Homes in New Tampa range from a price of around $125,000 and up. With the population boom starting in the mid-nineties, the development, known as “smart planning,” was specifically geared toward the development into the future. A wide variety of neighborhoods offer a buyer many options which cater to the buyer’s needs. Cory Lake Isles is an exclusive, gated community with lakeside homes, which offer stunning views of a vast 17,000 acre natural wildlife preserve. Homes in Cory Lake Isles start around the mid $200,000 range. Tampa Palms is a grand-styled community, featuring such amenities as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a golf course, and a fitness center. Tampa Palms is located on an area that surpasses 7,000 acres in size, surrounded by approximately 3,500 acres of wildlife preserve. Prices start around $200,000. K-Bar Ranch, one of New Tampa’s newer planned communities offers residents the appeal of comfort with design. With such amenities as tropic landscape, wildlife conservation, a swimming pool, and jogging/walking paths, the starting price in the high $100,000’s is worth the price. Scenic views of ponds and preserve allow the resident to feel like every day is a vacation. Arbor Greene is another one of New Tampa’s master-planned communities. The beautiful surroundings of lakes mixed with wildlife preserve are only one of the many attractions of Arbor Greene. Arbor Greene’s clubhouse is a state-of the-art facility that offers a fitness center, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and several social rooms. Neighboring Flatwoods Park, a 5000+ acre wildlife preserve, Easton Park is an ideal setting for any sized family.

New Tampa has come a long way since it was first settled in the mid 1800’s. The main thoroughfare Bruce B. Downs Boulevard reflects the community’s pride in its area. Two featured golf courses, Hunters Green Country Club and Tampa Palms Golf Club, as well as two public courses, Heritage Isles and Pebble Creek Golf Club, offer choice in golfing experience. With so many options, it is hard to say no to a lifestyle in New Tampa.

New Tampa Homes For Sale Reveal an Element of Distinction

Tampa is a key location for new homes.  With a population of over 350,000 residents (according to the 2006 US Census), Tampa was rated the 8th cleanest city in America in 2008 by Yahoo! Real Estate.  Tampa is bordered by two main bodies of water: Hillsborough Bay and Old Tampa Bay, which flow to form Tampa Bay.  Tampa Bay then proceeds to flow into the Gulf of Mexico.  Tampa’s main source of water is derived from the Hillsborough River, flowing directly through downtown Tampa.  It is no surprise there is a high demand for houses in New Tampa; as this is one place that has and will continue to experience growth for a long time to come.

Grand Hampton is a unique private community where newly formed neighborhoods co-exist to preserve nature.   Set upon a 600 acre area, six newly formed neighborhoods provide the foundation to approximately 1100 new homes which are settled in a wooded conservation area.  The homes relinquish the other fifty percent of the area to wooded areas, wetland preserves, and open spaces.  Grand Hampton boasts a wide range of options from eight of the finest builders in Tampa.  The new community is raising the bar and setting new standards in creating communities that coincide with nature.  Some of the amenities include:  A private clubhouse, Jr. Olympics lap pool, practice putting green, basketball court, fitness center and Lake Hampton Manor.

Prospective buyers have a wide array of options with the homes.  “Taylor Woodrow and David Weekley are offering two dozen floor plans for homes built in Outpost Point, with a variety of elevations featuring front porches and granny flats over garages, great for visitors, in-laws or children home from college,” says Jim Doyle, vice president of marketing for LandMar.  There are two sites offered:  A fifty-foot site and a seventy foot site.  The seventy-foot sites have more options available, such as all available floor plans, and the choice of either builder.  The fifty-foot wide sites are priced in the range of the $200,000’s.  The seventy-foot wide lots start in the low $400,000’s.