Riverview Based BlueGrace Logistics To Become A Major Tampa Bay Employer

aaaaBlueGrace, a 6-year-old transportation logistics company, to hire around 500-700 employees in the Tampa Bay area and will be doing so within the next couple of years. It’ll also be on the hunt for a newer & larger headquarters possibly out of Channelside, Tampa.

BlueGrace currently has about 350 employees and most of them are based in Riverview, FL. The company’s imminent job explosion is mostly due to the higher business demand and by having a confident investment partner.

Over the next 2 years, we’ll grow to well over 500 employees, and in the next 3-5 years have about 1,000 employees just here in Tampa,” the company owner has recently stated. BlueGrace currently occupies less than half of its 55,000-square-foot headquarters and has the room to absorb 150 more employees as it builds out. Then they’ll be scouting for a new home. The company owner desires to be in the downtown area of Tampa… touting its workforce, area universities, and natural appeal to recruiting workers to move here.

BlueGrace Logistics works with more than 10,000 companies nationwide that make everything from auto parts/beauty products to pharmaceuticals/sporting goods and more. Average compensation at BlueGrace is about $60,000. Many of the new hires will be in information technology, sales, customer service, financial services, and human resources.

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Risk-based Standards For Private Mortgage Insurers Could Restrict Leading

A new federal regulation proposal could change the standards for private mortgage insurers resulting in a stricter lending process.  The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is proposing a risk-based evaluation for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac insurer portfolios.  The new analysis will ensure that each approved insurer has enough capital for claims under significant market stress.

Most of us remember when the housing market crashed almost 10 years ago. Housing costs dropped, new construction stopped, and private insurers’ financial strength ratings quickly vanished.  Companies were placed in receivership by federal regulators while mortgage underwriting standards were tightened and FHA, VA, and other guarantee programs drained the majority of their market shares. Prevention similar events has become a major concern for the FHFA.

In turn, they have proposed that private mortgage insurers guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac be subject to a risk-based capital evaluation. An analysis would be required in situations where the homebuyer is making a down payment of less than 20%, debt-to-income ratios are greater than 43%, and mortgages that do not meet specific requirements. Given FHFA adaptation of these new standards, the capacity to underwrite new mortgages by private insurers may be limited but Director Melvin Watts insists there is “sufficient industry capacity to meet the needs of high-LTV borrowers.”

The FHFA’s plan, as a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulator, is to shift the risk of market share loss back to private companies while protecting taxpayers from another bailout. The majority of FHA and VA guaranteed programs have cushioned their reserves by hiking up premiums and are now transitioning back to private companies while stymieing their underwriting capabilities through new risk-based evaluations.

Such a bold move on behalf of the federal government has received mixed reactions. Some companies are supportive of the proposal citing that compliance with the new regulation would not be an issue while others balk claiming restricted access to credit and decreased underwriting capabilities.

Inman News reported that most insurers who issued statements in response to the proposal agree with David H. Stevens, president and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) who stated “the proposed eligibility requirements are comprehensive and we will be conducting a detailed review of the standards to ensure they properly balance the need for strong capital, while preserving the ability of the industry to cost-effectively serve first-time buyers and working families.”

Before you start freaking out, please remember that this is simply and proposal and the FHFA is accepting comments on the draft proposal through September 8th. Overall, do you think this is a step in the right direction or a step backwards, comment below.

Becoming a Florida Resident

Florida is one of the most populated states in the US, and that says a lot about the kind of place it really is. If you are one of the people who have decided to settle in the state permanently and become a Florida resident, there are certain legal steps that you have to take to declare it as your domicile state. This gives you the benefit of not having to pay taxes to the state that you are moving from, in addition to the essential right of being able to vote. Here is a complete walk-through for becoming a resident of Florida.

File a declaration of domicile for Florida

The declaration of domicile is a legal document that allows you to declare officially that you are a Florida resident because of the fact that you have a residence that you wish to use on a permanent basis. Even if you have other properties or homes in other states, you need to declare that your house in Florida be considered as your primary and predominant home. The declaration has to be signed by you with a Deputy Clerk or Notary Public as your witness.

Procure a Driver’s License registered in Florida

If you have a valid driving license from another state, a written or practical driving test is not required to get a driver’s license in Florida. Take the license you already have along with your identity documents to get a Florida DL. Other documents that are required include Social Security number, proof of Florida residence address, and change of name documents if any. You are required to get done with this procedure within 30 days of declaring your domicile.

Vehicle registration

All the vehicles that you own including cars, trucks, and boats have to be registered at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This includes getting the required insurance and paying the registration fees.

Voter registration

This can be done either with the Supervisor of Election or while you are getting your Florida DL. The registration closes 30 days prior to the election and opens only after the elections are over.

Regarding payment of taxes

You can pay your final taxes from the state that you previously lived in before moving to Florida and notify the officials about the move. Make sure that you list your new Florida residence address when filing for federal taxes and alert the Social Security Administration about the change of address.

Miscellaneous memberships

Transfer your membership for banks, churches, clubs and groups to be registered for Florida. This is an indication of your loyalty to the state and proves your sincerity of giving back to the community in whatever way possible.

Buying a new home

If you have the requisite capital, and you are sure of permanently staying in Florida, it is better to buy a house in the state than to rent one. This is because it makes you eligible for the Florida homestead exemption that gives you tax benefits while establishing your domicile.

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Rent Out Homes At No Cost To You

Hi my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a real estate agent in Tampa. I have been an investor for years, geese, I cannot even remember since the 90s when I had a home in California and I ended up moving. So I am doing this video right here; actually was going to do a webinar and I decided not… I was going to do an e-book and sell it but I just don’t want to spend the time doing that so I’m just going to sort of do a freebie to help people. If you want to rent out your home I’m going to show you how to wrench it out without using a real estate agent. Let me just say this, I know a lot of realtors and property managers would be ticked off if they heard me say this but it is really true. The MLS was never designed for the rental market. It never was designed for the rental market. It was always designed for home sales; now there are certain areas that you know you can use realtors and they provide a good benefit. Not in Tampa. The real estate agents in Tampa in the rental market that I have seen, the vast majority of them I’m talking 92 to 95% of them are absolutely useless. So I’m going to go over this video and you are going to see why so many of them are so useless and what they are doing that you have no idea what is going on and I have rented properties out.

Lance Mohr

Just a little about me. I own properties in California, I’ve owned properties in Texas, I’ve been in North Florida, I own some here in Tampa, and I pretty much can rent them out myself without using a realtor within a matter of a week in a fair market value and I don’t need to use the multiple listing service. As a matter of fact, I could use it for free and I never do. They are just easier ways because the multiple listing service was not really intended for rentals. It was intended for home sales and a lot of agents do and did and are currently doing rentals. There is nothing more to help the client out so enjoy this. I think it is going to save you a lot of time, headache; it doesn’t make any difference where you are and I will just say take all of this grain of salt. Okay here we go.

Cons for multiple listing sites

Alright this is Lance and I’m going to try to keep this short right here. I’m in the multiple listing service and telling you the reason why I as a real estate agent but I have my own rental properties I do not use the multiple listing service. I personally think it is a waste and it is a waste and I will show you why. Here I’m doing the search on active homes. These are rentals. This is my rental so these are rentals. In new Tampa 14 to 1800 ft.² let’s just go over the details.

So we will go over the details and here is the problem, the agents just are not paying real estate agents enough money to make the squeeze work the juice. In other words, the agents are getting in their car and the MLS and the sales; you pay the co-broker 50% and we used to did not have to disclose that to the consumers but then you just had a lot of what you call really unethical and dishonest realtors so now it is disclosed when you are signing a listing agreement to sell. But look what is happening here. So the agent is paying $1400, okay they should be co-brokering $700. They are co-brokering less than half of that, $300. We will pick another one. $1495 co-brokering $200. This one right here $1675 co-brokering $200. This one right here $1795 co-brokering $300.

Okay, an agent is going to get someone in the car but hopefully they are going to rent. They’re going to get someone in the car and they are going to drive around all day or maybe a couple of days and they are going to get paid $300 and then going to work for a company that’s just say like Coldwell Banker Prudential, nothing wrong with those companies, but if they are doing rental properties let’s face it they are not a producer. So they’re probably on a 50-50 split plus a 6% royalty so the company is taking 56% and the agent is left with 44%. Then the agent has to pay taxes on the money and then they have to pay for any expenses gas and anything else. You can see they are not paying 50-50 percent so I just find that most of them, most of these rental properties just sit on here forever. Now this has to do with rent and not property management, don’t get me wrong and there are a lot of good agents. It is important if you’re going to use a real estate agent make sure you have it in writing what their co-brokering to the other agent.

So here’s what I do. I do not use MLS. The first thing I do is go to a company called Postflix, now I think they just got bought out by Zillow which is sort of a bummer because like any corporation they will destroy the company and Postflix has gone down a little bit since they have gotten taken over. So it is either Zillow or Trulia. So let’s go to and you will need to set up an account so you can see. I will just go into my account example from a couple of my rental properties.

Using Postflix

So I’m logged in so let me just…here’s some of my rentals, you can see it has been a long time since I have done anything on it. So if I went into edit….now these are all expired. They are not activated so I don’t want to activate them but as you can see right here you can do the location, contact, basic details. You can add I think up to 12 photos or something. You can do a description. You can review what the post is going to look like and they look really nice. You can go over the promote post list so it is really nice. When you put out a postflix check it out. It automatically goes to Zillow, Frontdoor, Backpage, Oodle, Hotpads, MLS, Trulia, Yahoo.

Look at all of this Free marketing, it goes to other ones. It syndicates it. So these are the syndication partners. They will also give you a URL so if you want to take this URL and put it in Craigslist. Of course we will get into Craigslist in a little bit. You can promote it on your Facebook and Twitter so it gives a lot of really good ways so I use this. It is great and the post listings look really nice. The other thing I do is I do Craigslist. You go in and you can see you will….again I just need to go into my account or create an account if you are not. Pick the area in Tampa, so you pick the area and then when you are marketing you either say you are buy owner or broker.


Now I will give you a couple of tips of Craigslist when you are doing it. First off put a picture in it. Put a nice description in the property that stands out. Either asterisks, asterisks, asterisks, in all capitals or something that so it stands out. Put a picture in it, at least one picture. You don’t need to do a ton of pictures. Personally I just put the URL but in Craigslist they don’t really have the HTML coding if you know what that is. If you don’t, do not worry about it.

If you want to go to a website in Craigslist now, you cannot just click it you have to copy and paste it and put it into the URL. This right here this is in Craigslist. You cannot just click on it. You have to copy it and go up here and copy and paste. So it is sort of a bummer. But here is a trick about Craigslist that a lot of people don’t know about Craigslist. If you are going to do Craigslist you need to do it methodically and here is what I mean.

Craigslist does not allow duplicate content and they are going to flag you. It is called ghosting. You are going to get ghosted and you are not going to know it because you are going to think your ads are up and what I mean is this. You go in Monday morning and you do an ad, you put it in Craigslist. You get up Tuesday morning and you take that same ad and you put it in Craigslist again. You get up Wednesday morning and you take that same ad and you put it in Craigslist again. Well you are not going to get credit for number two or three because they are duplicate content and they are going to ghost you. So in other words, you think you are live, they are going to send you a link that you are live but you are not going to be able to find that ad anywhere.

So what you need to do like when I do Craigslist what I will do is I will do a rotation. I will usually do morning and evening. Sometimes I may do three times per day. For example, Monday morning I try to get it in early before people go to work so it is in the early edition. So let’s say I do 7:00 in the morning. I post an ad in Craigslist at 7:00. I make a different ad and at 7:00 or 6:00 at night I post another one. When I post that ad I remove the first ad. Then I get up the next morning and I put my third ad in and when I put my third ad in on Tuesday morning at 7:00 I remove my second ad that I put in last night and then I keep jumping back and forth because Craigslist and this is more of a guideline than the rule I have found, you are not supposed to have duplicate content but they usually do a hold for 24 hours.

In other words they don’t want… can’t remove it and then a couple of hours later stick it in again, they will ghost you. They are pretty smart. You always have to figure out and I have learned Craigslist is smarter than I am. Google is smarter than I am so you just have to keep that in mind.


Now Craigslist can generate you a lot of clientele, information, and leads; people wanting to see your home but in my opinion they are not always the best. Postflicks won’t get you near as many. Craigslist will probably get you quite a few but they are not always the best but don’t say no we don’t want to do that and the one I tend to use that I like the best of them all is

Now this will cost you money. It can cost 50.00-100.00 or 110.00 but it works and the people you get on are higher quality. So in other words you are not going to get as many as Craigslist but you are going to get a better clientele than Craigslist but don’t discard Craigslist because it is hugely popular. Also be careful about scams going out there. I’ve had people doing scams on some of my _____. Now you have everything squared away and you are ready to go.

What’s Next?

Okay now what do you do? Alright it depends on two things. Is the property vacant? If the property is vacant what I would do… I’m going to tell you what I did, you can do whatever you want, but what I will do is if the property is vacant I am not going to run over there every time someone wants to see it. For Pete’s sake these are people who are looking to rent. A couple of tips on renting, if you are going to rent out the property make sure the property looks really, really nice. If you need to clean the carpet, if you need to pull all the weeds and put in fresh mulch and put in sod do it because renters are sick and tired of these scum lords that just rent a bunch of junk out and it does not take that much money.

Anytime a tenant moves out of one of my properties I always rekey it because you have to do it by a court of law. I always clean the carpets. I always get a professional carpet cleaner in there. I always get a professional maid service in there. If I need to touch up the paint or do whatever I do but it really does not cost that much. So do that. If you rented it out I would just say hey look I am doing an open house and I am going to be showing it on Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00 so if you can make it please show up and I have a bunch of applications with me. I have some people that say no I cannot make Saturday at 2:00 to 4:00 and I will say okay if I don’t get it rented out then I will let you know when you can see it.

A lot of times if they are looking for a place to live they will figure out a way. They will take off work or work it into their schedule. I really don’t go out of my way too much because I price my home competitively when I rent it. I don’t try to get every nickel. Think of it this way. If I am renting something for $1500 and I want to get every nickel and it takes 2 months to rent it, I just lost $3000 so wouldn’t it behoove me to maybe rent it for $1400 or even $1395 and have it rented out within a matter of a couple of days or weeks? That’s my opinion. So anyhow I will go ahead and do that.


Now here is a beauty. I love it when tenants are on the property. Tenants are the best because they will do all the work for you if you know how to schedule with them. So what I do I call up the tenant and I say hey we have a couple of choices that we can do. I need to lease my place out so I am going to give you the option. I can go ahead and hire a real estate agent if you want but they are going to be trucking through your home day or night whenever there is a buyer we are going to put an electronic lockbox on the door and they may come in at 9:00 in the morning or they may come in at 6:00 to 7:00 at night when you are eating dinner.

I don’t want to disrupt you and your family so the other option I have is if you want, I will do the marketing and the advertising. Any time someone calls me up to look at the home I will ask them to drive by the home to make sure they like the home and they like the neighborhood. Then I tell them to call me back. When they call me back if they want to see the home they I will give them your name and number and you can schedule a time that is convenient for you and your family to show them the property. How does that sound? They love it. I’ve never had a tenant not do that. Not only that but they are thrilled that you are so considerate with them and they are going to do all the showings with you.

Now the reason why you want to have them drive past the home and the neighborhood is number one because the first thing that comes out every tenant’s mouth when they talk to you about rental. Hi I am calling about the property for rent. When can I see it? They don’t even know the area. I’ve even had people say, for example our property in Panther Trace in Riverview, they will say, “Oh I know where Panther Trace is.” I’m like, okay but I am going to give you the address. I still need you to run dry past the property and make sure you like the property and make sure you like the area and then give me a call back because I don’t want to disrupt my tenant every time someone wants to look at the property. Does that sound fair? What are they going to say? So they say yes.

If they never call me back, they were never a bona fide renter as it is. Quite frankly probably only 33% of them even call back which is great for me. If they are not interested I don’t want to be bugged nor do I want to bug the tenant. If they want to rent it, they will drive by. It is as simple as that. I think every blue moon you get someone who says they drove by and they didn’t but most people do. So I think most people are pretty honest about that and they will drive by and the tenant will obviously filter them. I send the tenant the applications and I will email them an application and I say can you print out about eight of these and if they want an application just give the application to them. By the way the application you can actually put the application if you do rentals on There is a little place where you can upload a PDF.

So great, that is all you need to do and I never placed my homes in the MLS. I always have the tenants do that and then I just always give them a choice and they always say hey I would love for you to do that, I don’t want to be bugged. Sometimes if they are getting a lot of showings I will tell them hey look why don’t you just tell them you are going to show it on Monday, Wednesday, Friday or on the weekends so you are not getting bombarded every night but generally if it is conditioned nice, if it is priced right, if you have good pictures, and you do what you are supposed to be doing marketing right it will rent out very quickly. I never have a problem. I usually have a line to rent out my rentals because they are in good condition. I do what I need to do. It looks good. They rent out quick and my tenants are very happy with me.

Finding a “good” tenant

I’ll give you a final tip. One of the things….I always figure out where the market rent is. If the fair market rent is $1500, I will price it at or in some cases a little lower than that and then when I am talking to the tenant I will be blunt. I will say now you know this is a little under rental value. The reason why I did and if they argue with me I will just say okay I know it is and you know it is. You rented it out and I will tell them the reason why I have it a little under value on the rent is because I want a good tenant and I don’t want someone busting my chops on everything. I don’t want you calling me all of the time. If you have a legitimate problem or complaint then by all means give me a call but if there are little things I expect you to take care of them. I expect you to mow the lawn, take care of the grass, expect the rent to be there on time etc. Most of them understand that. I mean you have to set the guidelines up front.


Hopefully this helps. If you have any questions do not hesitate to give me a call at 813-317-4009 or visit my website at If you are looking at buying or you know anybody that is looking at buying definitely pass on my information. Like my Facebook page which is on my website. Check it out and if you know anybody renting just forward this video. Again I was going to charge people for all of this because this is really some of the most valuable information I have ever given away for free but I really just don’t have time to be doing ebooks or dealing with all of that stuff so I don’t know maybe I will in the future. Anyhow as of right now you have this free so I wish you the best of luck with it. Check out all my other informative videos on my website’s video page or on my Youtube channel. Good luck and take care.

Why Buy Tampa Bay Real Estate

Tampa Bay Real EstateTampa MSA is the second biggest metropolitan area in Florida state, with a population exceeding 2,790,000 and inclusive of Pinellas, Hernando, Pasco and Hillsborough counties. It is the sixth biggest metro territory in the south and the 19th biggest in the country. It is no wonder that Tampa Bay real estate attracts much demand from both domestic and international buyers.

International headquarters

The Tampa Bay area has achieved the distinction of being the recipient of Southern Business & Development award as the “Mega Market of the Year”. A number of international corporations are headquartered here, including Tropicana Products, Ferman Automotive Group, Raymond James Financial, Rooms to Go, Outback Steakhouse, Carlton Fields, Brown and Brown, TECO Energy, Darden Restaurants, SRI/Surgical Express, Sykes Enterprises, Amscot, BIC, JABIL, Syniverse Technologies, Checkers, Catalina Marketing and SweetBay.

The Westshore Business District is Tampa Bay’s economic hub. A prime piece of Tampa Bay real estate, Westshore is situated within city limits and has almost 16 million square foot of prime office space. A large number of upscale shopping areas, first class hotels, more than adequate meeting spaces, residential zones and entertainment areas are located in the vicinity. This Tampa Bay real estate chunk is located at the geographic center of the rapidly increasing Clearwater/Tampa/St. Petersburg market, making resources of the total market conveniently accessible. The Tampa International Airport is also situated adjacent to Westshore.

Better quality of life

Residents enjoy a higher quality of life compared to their counterparts in other parts of the US. The weather is delightfully warm and promotes a substantial range of recreational and cultural activities at The Museum of Science and Industry, Performing Arts Center, The Salvador Dali Museum and The Tampa Museum of Art. The Florida Aquarium, Ybor City, Busch Gardens and Lowery Park Zoo are other cultural and recreational spaces frequented by residents.

Sports center

The Tampa area is also home to many sports teams. The Raymond James Stadium is home to Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and has previously hosted Super Bowls. The region is home to Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, Tampa Bay Storm arena football, and the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team. It is also the winter home of New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies.

About 7 million visitors flock to the Tampa Bay region every year. They contribute more than $20 billion in revenue and continue to maintain tourism as the region’s top industry. Tampa Bay is known for its excellent beaches and quick connectivity to Universal Studios and Disney World.

According to the US Conference of Mayors study, the economy of the Tampa Bay area is ranked among the 20 quickest growing metros in America and is expected to remain so in the near future. Growth rate is pegged at 3.2% and the city was ranked 16th among 363 metros included in the study, making Tampa bay real estate an excellent investment choice.

Relocating to Florida a Smart Move as Rest of the Country Struggles with Arctic Blast

CBS expects the impact of polar vortex to reach $5 billion. Besides shattering records of subzero temperatures in New York, Chicago, Texas and Oklahoma, causing six and seven cold-related deaths in Indians and Illinois respectively, crippling power generation and stranding hundreds of passengers overnight on Amtrak trains, the mammoth arctic blast has taken aim at literally all US cities. Except for Florida, which received wind chill advisories and freezing overnight temperatures at the worst and enjoyed warm daytime temperatures otherwise. Relocating to Florida may seem like a good proposition right about now, as you shovel one foot of snow off your front yard or catch the sad images of packed homeless shelters on the news.

Besides the lure of Florida’s humid subtropical climate and immunity to polar vortex, the state has a lot more going for it.

Why is Florida set to overtake New York in population? 

Sometime this year, Florida will leap ahead of New York to become the country’s third most populated state. This means almost 20 million people will call the Sunshine State their home. Analysts have identified the key reasons for this transformation. One is the availability of many low-wage jobs, which Latin American migrants, in particular have snapped up. The bustling tourism and hospitality sectors have opened up many employment opportunities, in particular for younger workers. Which works out well because Florida has the largest share of baby boomers in the country.   According to a report by the U.S Census Bureau, more than 50% of arrivals in the state over the past couple of years are aged between 25 and 64 years. Interestingly, the trickle of people from New York has been steady, with an estimated 537,000 ex-New York residents relocating to Florida in 2013 alone!

Relocating to Florida? No Income Tax! 

New York has a reputation as one of United States’ highest taxed states. Florida doesn’t have state income taxes. This alone is a strong motivator for many out-of-staters to shift base. As of 2013, the state had the seventh lowest tax collections per capita, at $1,718. Floridians do not pay inheritance tax either. As far as overall property tax (collected at the local and state levels) is concerned, Florida finds itself in the middle of the table.

Historically, as per capita tax collections and revenue from the state have been low, spending has also been kept low. However, in 2013, Governor Rick Scott introduced a $74 billion budget expanding healthcare services for people with disabilities and pay raises for state workers and teachers.

Low Cost of Living 

The overall cost of living in Florida is estimated to be 4% lower than the national average. The cost of living in almost 30 other American states is higher than that of Florida. Of course, this number is dependent on the desirability factor of the particular city. So, if you plan to live in rural Florida, you can enjoy anywhere between a 15% and 20% reduction in overall living costs in comparison to the Gulf Coast. Keep in mind though that the cost of healthcare in Florida is higher than the national average, though the lower cost of taxes more than makes up for the increase. The introduction of the Affordable Healthcare Act has made high quality coverage available at competitive rates, making moving to Florida a smart choice.

Supports an active lifestyle

Sunshine, beaches and abundant green spaces – it wouldn’t be wrong to call Florida a natural paradise that offers biking, fishing, watersports and golfing opportunities, to name a few. The state’s limestone geology supports naturally-occurring springs, and there are quite a few fresh water springs to soak and dive in! Snorkeling, kayaking and scuba diving at Florida’s coastal reefs attract locals as well as tourists in huge numbers. The state parks system consists of 160 parks scattered across thousands of acres of natural reserves, recreational spots and historic sites. When you are tired after a busy day at the beach or park, you can enjoy the water views, great music and tropical island ambiance of Florida’s numerous beach bars.

Add to that the multitude of theme parks and shopping centers, and you’ll understand why Floridians prefer to spend a good part of their day outdoors! It is home to some of the country’s largest and best indoor and outdoor shopping malls. If you are looking for outlet malls or antique districts, Florida’s got you covered too!

Depending on your circumstances, relocating to Florida may seem like a viable option if you seek a new life in a warm, cheerful state with an ethnically-diverse population and electric ambiance.

FEMA Flood Insurance Premiums Update

We might be seeing a little relief in sight with FEMA’s flood insurance premiums. The Senate has put a 4 year delay on the premium hikes until they figure out what to do. There is a very high possibility that the House with pass the bill. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and real estate agents have been applying relentless pressure on both the House and Senate for months now. Check out the article below for the latest flood insurance update.

Palm Beach Postpicture from Doral Drive listing
“The U.S. Senate passed a four-year delay in flood insurance premium hikes Thursday as attention now turns to the GOP-controlled House, where prospects appear rockier.

By a vote of 67-32, Senators approved a halt to most of the biggest increases for four years, during which time a federal agency would be required to study the affordability of policies and review accuracy of new flood maps.

Stories of premiums shooting from $4,000 to more than $40,000 in one stroke have raised alarms that they will kill real estate sales and damage a recovering economy. It’s an especially big deal in Florida, which has two of every five policies issued by the federal program.”

If Congress and FEMA don’t get this problem fixed it will end up hurting every homeowner – not just the rich. Everyone needs to start reaching out to their members of Congress and voice their concern.

Lance Mohr is a waterfront real estate expert in Tampa, FL. If you have any questions about waterfront homes in Tampa please visit our Tampa waterfront website.

US Senate votes to delay flood insurance hikes – from PressTV

Flood Insurance Rates Might Kill Property Values

Boyd - waterIt seems like the government shutdown and flood insurance are all anyone is talking about in Tampa these days. It seems like the government always finds a way to kick people when they are down. It’s not just the rich how have to buy flood insurance policies. A lot of lower income and middle income people live near the water.

Cost of Flood Insurance Rises, Along With Worries
“Sharp increases in federal flood insurance rates are distressing coastal homeowners from Hawaii to New England and are starting to hurt property values and housing sales in areas just beginning to recover from the recession, according to residents and legislators.

An estimated 20 percent of the property owners with federal flood insurance received these subsidies as the new law went into effect, and their premiums will rise, in some cases precipitously, either now, over the next several years or whenever they sell their properties. The exact amount of the increase depends on the home’s elevation above flood level.

Approved by Congress in July 2012 as part of a wide-ranging transportation bill, the Biggert-Waters Act was intended to regain control of an increasingly unsustainable National Flood Insurance Program. The subsidies within that program, in the view of critics, encouraged development in risky areas and led to costly claims after catastrophic events, payouts that were borne largely by those paying market rates.”

Florida new station talks about the flood insurance hikes. Premiums could go up as much as 500%.

People not only pay for flood insurance when they own a home but you pay as renters as well. Of course renters are not paying the insurance companies directly –  they are paying their landlord indirectly through the rental increases. If you live in a home the federal government will find a way to get you coming or going.

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3 Practical Tips on Maintaining A Clean Home

Image of a clean homeWe have all went through the panic cleaning marathon right before company came over and it sometimes can be a real drainer. We end up rushing everything and stuffing things into the closet or chucking things under the sofa just to speed up the process. Just imagine you own one of those huge luxury homes in Tampa and one day you decide to do a thorough clean up. Imagine the absolute mess you will find. Here are some really practical tips on how to avoid the whole problem.

Return what you use – This is one of the most basic principles and is mostly overlooked by many. Of course it’s not easy to return everything single thing you take out but if you make it a habit, and consciously practice this little trick, your house will be much easier to clean and maintain. If you start this practice as soon as you buy one of those fabulous new homes Tampa has to offer, maintaining it will be a piece of cake.

Keep it where you use it – Simple things like leaving your laundry detergent with the clothes to wash, or an extra set of bedding’s right under your mattress are great ways keep things in check thus not messing the whole house when looking for them. The less effort you spend to put something away or find it, the more often it will actually get put away in the correct place no matter how big that luxury homes in Tampa is.  In terms of long term benefits, this can apply in almost everything you do making you a much more effective and productive.

Letting go of unnecessary things – We are all guilty of this. Because of sentimental value, or thinking that you might need it in the future, it is really hard to let go of some things and we end up hanging on to them forever. Although it can indeed be hard to get rid of memorable items, once you start letting go, you will find you have more room in your house than you expected, giving you a lot more space to work with and much easier to keep clean. Luxury homes in Tampa are known to have one of the most elegant and spacious estates in the country and maintaining such powerful establishments can indeed be a challenge, but if you follow these three practical tips  them tidy and in check will certainly make your job easier.

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Moving Tips – One Month Before You Move

Image of woman packing things You are very excited, after months of inspections, shows and a lot of stress; you have finally selected one of the new homes in Tampa FL to call your own.You have so many ideas when it comes to decor and just can’t wait to get started but wait-there is one last milestone you must overcome: MOVING.

Although there are professional movers available to help you, you will still need to do the packing and making sure that everything gets taken. Here are things you must accomplish from one month before you move:

1. Finalize your packing list ready. You probably already have a draft made so a month before you can start packing the things that you don’t usually loose. As you go along, you may see the need to add some things to that list or perhaps remove some.

2. Notify the post office of your changed address.  This is something that should be done as early as this so you don’t forget it later on with all the chaos during your move. Make sure you accomplish this at least one month beforehand. Simply get the form for change of address and send it out or you can simply fill up the form online.

3. Notify the utility companies.  From your water and electricity to your internet connection and cable, you need to inform all these companies if you want to have their services when you move.  You can choose to either change your address or simply cut services from your current home and get them turned on when you move. This is also a perfect time to decide whether you want to keep or discontinue their services.

4. Notify the newspaper. This is off course if you live in one of those places where a newspaper is delivered to their doorstep each morning. Aside from the paper, you ought to also notify anyone else whom you expect to deliver anything to your door- online shops like ebay for example need to also be informed of your move.

5. Gather your important documents. It is best to gather all these essential documents a month before you move so they don’t get lost during the main move. Take them aside and find a place to put them where they are safe from the chaos your house is going through. Make sure you take care of these as losing them may result in identity theft.

These are just a few of the basics that you should prepare the month before your move. This way, you can save yourself from all the stress that comes with cramming on the last minute.

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