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5 Tips When Buying Tampa Florida Real Estate

The Tampa Florida real estate market witnesses a lot of action from not only people buying their first home, but also from families buying their second home or even vacation homes. The city’s pleasant climate, excellent public transportation system, and very own international airport – the Tampa International Airport – which is ranked among one of US’s best, are just some reasons why it has become a property investment hotbed.

If you are interested in buying property in the city, here are some points to keep in mind.

  1. Ease of buying property

Buying Tampa Florida real estate is straightforward. Every… Continue reading

Tampa Waterfront Homes for Sale – Tips

Read the video transcript below.

Hi, my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a real estate agent in Tampa and I wanted to do a video today because I had a gentleman call me, actually someone I knew in Tampa.  He had one of his friends that was looking for a waterfront home in Tampa Bay.  It was more of an acquaintance and the gentleman was looking at Tampa waterfront homes for sale and they decided to buy a lot so they contacted a real estate agent and they didn’t know at the time this real estate agent really didn’t… Continue reading

Tips to Buying a Child-Friendly Home

Image of a child friendly home playgroundFor those who are looking to purchase their first luxury home in Tampa Bay, you already have a lot on your mind. Considering the great investment that this will be for you and your family, you will off course want to find the best deal out there. If you have kids at present or are contemplating having a family in the near future, then you have an additional factor to consider: Is the home child friendly?

Considering the child friendliness of the home will help ensure that your child is safe and you don’t have a hard time keeping watch… Continue reading

Why Buy a House at The End of the Year?

Image of year end home buying thumbs upStarting a new year in a new house does sound right does it not? The fact is there is more to purchasing a house at the end of the year than simple ‘preference’. One can have many benefits in deciding to make a move like this – here are a few:

1. Hassle free move. Since the peak season when it comes to getting new homes and moving in is usually during the summer months, deciding to move at the end of the year allows you to choose your moving company hassle free. No booking months in advance, no inconveniences.… Continue reading

New Homes Vs. An Existing One in South Tampa

Image of an Old home versus a New homeHomes in South Tampa like those in any other neighborhood come in two categories – the new freshly built and the older existing ones. Although the choice is totally personal, there are some pros and cons that are worth considering. Let’s compare the two in the light of a few factors.

First is the neighborhood. The thing with purchasing a new home in South Tampa is that you will be entering a neighborhood that is not established. Trees will be young, landscape new and so on. On the other hand, existing homes have that impression of security and belonging.

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Easy Steps to Finding a Good Home Inspector

Image of a home inspection checklistYou obviously have examined in detail the luxury home in Tampa Bay you intend to purchase and perhaps have even taken a few friends to help you check them for defects. Great job! But you still need a pro. Why? Well, unless you are some construction graduate or engineer, you probably have no idea what to look out for when inspecting a home. This is where a professional home inspector comes in. Getting a good inspector starts by confirming the following facts.

• Are they experienced in residential home inspection? Some home inspectors simply know about building houses and therefore… Continue reading

How to Check a Homes’ True Potential

If you are a first time home buyer, it is all too easy to fall for the bad decorating, dirty back yard and in the end miss a home with great potential.  This is a very dangerous mistake to make considering how fast houses change from being for sale to being sold in the market. Here are some tips on how to check the homes’ true potential, whether it is a simple home in the country or a luxury house in Tampa, Florida.

Walls – when touring the house try and imagine how the walls would look after a… Continue reading

Tips For Prospective Home Buyers

With the real estate business picking up in the country again buying a home is a lot trickier than it has been for a long time. On a national level homeowners are able to sell their homes for 97% of the price they ask for; in some areas they exceed the listed price due to fierce bidding. Here are 5 pointers that can help you to finally own a home in Tampa FL.

•    Don’t go into a negotiation with a deliberately low bid thinking that you will increase your offer when the seller demands a much higher price.… Continue reading

Condo Vs House – The Debate Goes On in South Tampa

image of condos in south tampaWhether you are a pro home buyer or a first timer, one of the most fundamental questions you will face is what kind of house to buy-a family home or a condominium. There are pros and cons in purchasing either of the two and the decision solely depends on you and your needs.

One of the reasons why many opt for condos is their strategic location. Condos in South Tampa for example, are built in the heart of the big city which makes them a favorite among businessmen who have to work there.  Another advantage is all the amenities that… Continue reading

Five Things to Know Before Purchasing Waterfront Property

picture of waterfront property

Five Things to Know Before Purchasing Waterfront Property

Property sales are once more on the rise. Baby boomers are retiring from jobs held for years and reviewing their annual income from various retirement funds. There sometimes is a plan in place to sell the present home and move to one of the states offering great benefits to senior citizens, such as Florida. If the plan is to purchase waterfront property in Tampa, there are important things to know before making an investment.

1. Water quality is important because it dominates how much enjoyment your property will deliver. Activities like… Continue reading