Tampa Luxury Homes: Tips For Buyers

Hi, my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a Tampa luxury homes real estate agent and I wanted to do this video to give you some tips if you are thinking about buying a luxury home in Tampa or really anywhere for that matter and it more has to do with the new homes not necessarily the pre-owned but of course whether you’re buying a luxury home that is new or pre-owned make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to hiring a real estate agent, just don’t take any real estate agent. Get their website, read their bio, because there are a lot of things to know about real estate in general but certainly luxury homes. So a lot of times people come to me and they say,” Hey, Lance I’m looking at getting a luxury home and I want to build.” So maybe they need to find a lot first and we start looking at the lots. Now obviously you need to find out looking at lots are the utilities hooked up and if they are not hooked up you need to budget for that. I’m not going to get into the lots too much. I’m going to give you the necessary tips for buyers.

Finding a builder

If you are looking at building a luxury home, a lot of times the easiest thing to do and by far the least expensive thing to do is find a reputable builder, which is not always easy to do that is why you need a good real estate agent to help you but find a reputable builder and someone who has been building for a number of years, not someone who just bills one or two homes a year and they have been building for the past six years but someone who has been in the business for a long time and sit down with them and meet them and talk to them and tell them about what type of home you want because they are probably going to have a floor plan that they have built in the past that might be very similar to what you want.

Instead of going to an architect and paying who knows it could be $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 depending on the home you buy for the architectural plan. You can just have changes made to the builders plan. Now the other thing to do if you’re not really sure about the builder; don’t be intimidated and I know most people at the luxury price level don’t really get intimidated by much but make sure you do your due diligence in finances and you might want to ask them for references of people who have purchased from them and get the references and go talk to the people; knock on the door, call them on the telephone. These tips for buyers are a must when building Tampa luxury homes.

Ask about the past

I always liked doing face-to-face and find out how the experience was seeing what areas they built before so you can just knock on the door cold and say hey did this builder build your home etc. Also get a list of some of their vendors and make sure, I know this sounds weird, but they should not mind and say hey are they paying you on time because of they are not paying their vendors on time and they are buying concrete or wood or fixtures or whatever and they are not paying their vendors you have to really wonder what is going to happen with your money if they close the doors. There are a lot of builders in that situation it is not like they are going to tell you they are virtually bankrupt and they’re going to close their doors and they’re going to keep your money so you really need to do your due diligence and find a custom builder that is going to be around today, tomorrow, and five years from now.

I know a lot of people really don’t think about these kind of things or some people feel really weird about grilling the builders but you have to because you don’t want to be in a construction loan and I’ve had this happen to people not that I’ve worked with, but I’ve seen it where they were in the process of building a home, a $2 million home and all of a sudden the builder went belly up so now they have this half built home with a bunch of money they gave to the builder and the builder declared bankruptcy and they are basically out of luck so do your due diligence whether you are looking at buying a luxury home in Tampa or anywhere for that matter.


I hope this helps you, I have a lot of these different videos on my website video page and on my Youtube channel. I have one’s on waterfront, luxury homes, different communities in Tampa, different cities in Tampa, and more, so please keep tuned to my channel so you can keep up to date in the real estate industry. Give me a call on my call phone at 813-317-4009 if you have any questions at all. I would love to answer them and I would love to help you. Please check out my Facebook and my website Tampa2Enjoy. Have a great day and I wish you the best of luck.

Luxury Homes in Tampa Bay

Picture ofa luxury homeThinking of luxury homes in Tampa Bay brings a number of locations to mind. North Tampa includes elegant homes and surrounding in Tampa Palms and Seven Oaks. The established portion of these neighborhoods is classy and inviting. Other neighborhoods feature golf courses or equestrian trails.

Those looking for space to park their boat in the water by their home are more likely to choose one of the exquisite homes in Apollo Bay. Neighborhoods like Mirabay and Symphony Isles are prime considerations for every aspect of a luxury home in the Sunshine State. One other neighborhood, Andalucia, is a gated community with slightly more than 200 homes in the development. Like any home, the opportunity to make it uniquely yours is available. Add the features that are most important to you and your lifestyle.

Waterfront homes truly appeal to the senses. Some homes have a view of the bay regardless of which part of the house you are looking from. This particular style of home typically has large decks and balconies. Home living with things like wood-burning fireplaces and ceiling fans keep rooms cool reduces the expense of central heat and air conditioning when only one or two rooms are in use.

You might prefer cathedral and vaulted ceilings to emphasize the grandeur of your home interior. Skylights provide natural lighting in prominent areas. As might be expected, your luxury home has a formal living and dining room. Those two areas provide the perfect place to entertain guests. Everyday mornings are more casual as the family eats at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, or a good friend enjoys coffee or tea and a muffin while chatting about local events. Enjoy walking along the palm-lined streets and admiring the well-kept yards and neighborhood.

A variety of luxury homes await future residents looking in the area of Westchase, which offers outdoor recreation such as wetlands, nature trails and a golf course. Within Westchase is the upscale gated community of Waterchase, resplendent with luxurious surroundings.

Different villages deliver many styles of homes in Waterchase. They feature lots of living space outdoors, as well as windows placed to maximize the incredible view. Room for a relaxed and free lifestyle is provided by the area of four to five thousand square feet and more. Some homes already have a pool. The community center has a pool, as well. There are some homes along the edge of the lake. Fish for bass in your spare time or visit the tennis courts and workout center at the clubhouse. As seen in these examples, luxury is defined by the owner and available in Tampa Bay.

Enjoy the Wonder of Tampa Waterfront Homes

picture of waterfront homeHave you been thinking about how enjoyable it would be to live on waterfront property? Anytime people consider that type of property, even Tampa waterfront real estate, as a possible location for a residence, it is important to know why being near the water’s edge is important to your lifestyle. Tampa is the hub of the area that makes up Tampa Bay, which covers quite a bit of territory in Pinellas, Hillsborough and Manatee counties. The ocean waters, lake, marshes and rivers such as the Hillsborough, Manatee, and Alafia, host a variety of homes and property with the benefit of the shore and the water.

The most important reason to work with a local qualified Realtor when searching for waterfront property is because that person is familiar with any issues or concerns regarding that property. If you explain what you are looking for, he or she will know which properties suit your needs. A Realtor is also a viable resource for what you, as a future home owner, need to know about the area in which you wish to live.

The Definition of Waterfront Real Estate
Waterfront real estate consists of many definitions. It usually involves a higher sale value because it is more in demand and refers to a structure adjacent to water, such as a lake or bay. it can describe that part of a city or town near the edge of the water, such as a pier or wharf. A certain amount of land can exist between the water and the property line and still have it declared waterfront property.

The ocean, bays, rivers and large creeks, lakes and ponds all deliver the idea of waterfront, but the actual delivery must be seen in person. In the Tampa area, you have the opportunity to live in a house or condominium with a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, your home might be built near the waterways that lead to the Gulf. Created and natural lakes offer waterfront property in certain neighborhoods.

Knowing in advance what you want in the way of a home and its relationship to the water will help minimize the amount of time looking for your dream home. Discuss with the Realtor any concerns about use permits, additional insurance requirements and obligations for maintenance and right-of-ways. With all the variety in Tampa and the area surrounding that city, the opportunity to find what you want is amazing.

Investing In Tampa Luxury Homes

When we hear someone say Tampa, Florida it is enough to conjure a magical landscape surrounded by the ocean, white sandy beaches and lush greenery. What many people don’t realize is that it is also where the neighborhood communities are planned to suit the urban lifestyles of the people living there. Visitors flock to this area to take advantage of the pleasant climate, where the sun reflects on the shimmering waters 365 days a year. Additionally, everything a person could ask for can be found in the many of the Tampa luxury houses that are built along the waterfront and provide everything in the way of amenities.

Tampa is a cosmopolitan city where the residents are made of many differing cultures. But, they all have one thing in common, and that is of having found the best location in the country to live a life where they can have the best of everything at all times, leaving them wanting for nothing.

Tampa has all the ultra modern features to cater to the young while those who wish to enjoy its peace and tranquility can opt for a beautifully designed villa on the outskirts of the city. First class gourmet restaurants, considered some of the best in the country, exceptional health care facilities, shopping malls, and some of the best schools in the state. From stunning Tampa luxury homes to the gorgeous beaches, and beautifully laid out parks, golf courses, young and old alike have much to enjoy and look forward to.

The economy in Tampa is seeing resurgence and the real estate market is one area where this can be seen. There are some amazing homes on the market with prices that are even more amazing, and there is no better time than now to find your dream home from among the many luxury homes available. Then you too can begin enjoying that has the best of everything.

Foreclosures Still a Bane for House Sellers

Foreclosure filings have reportedly dropped to their lowest level in the last four years. Despite this bit of good news, not all is rosy. There are still a considerable number of already foreclosed upon homes that are yet to go under the hammer and a fair bit of the real estate market being dominated by short sales. Although the decline in Tampa, Florida foreclosures is also good news for the area, the large numbers of homes already being processed for auction are making it hard for other regular house sellers to make good returns. The dipped housing prices do appear to be stabilizing and in some areas appear to be rising but most sellers are still going at a loss. For those who bought their homes prior to the housing market crisis, the loss in value of the home stands at anywhere between 30-60%.

Many are in fact being forced to list their homes at half the price they bought them for. The main reason that these prices persist at remaining so rock bottom is the large stock of foreclosed houses that are still waiting to enter the market. The many short sales that are still continuing help to bridge the gap in the meantime. Until these properties are able to get to the market and find buyers, overall house prices can still be expected to remain depressed. Some neighborhoods are fortunate to not have been hit quite so hard by the decline. Many of the homes in much desired Tampa luxury communities have begun seeing an upward trend in prices as demand slowly begins to surpass supply. Hopefully this trend will spread throughout the country sooner rather than later.

Affording Luxury Homes in Tampa in the Midst of a Recession

Due to the magnitude effects of the 2008 global financial recession, a large number of people witnessed an abrupt change in their lifestyles. People who lived exceedingly comfortable lives suddenly had financial difficulties. These negative changes were soon reflected in the real estate market, and other business environments. Businesses, that previously reflected high turnovers, began to incur huge losses, and many ultimately filed for bankruptcy.

The real estate market was one of the hardest hit industries in the world. In the USA, there have been a lower number of people buying houses than at any other point in history, since the great depression. However, this has also brought on opportunities that were not as readily available before. Such as, luxury home prices being reduced and many being placed into foreclosure.

As sad as that is, the possibility of purchasing a luxury home in Tampa, FL has increased. Many, who would not have been able to afford such a home before, can now take advantage of the economic downturn and the reduction in home prices, and own their own luxury home.

In today’s real estate market, there are many banks with foreclosed properties for sale; this even includes some beautiful luxury homes. Consequently, these financial institutions seek to recover the money loaned to the previous owner. Many of these homes are disposed of during auctions, where houses are sold for less than their actual value.

Buying luxury homes in Tampa, Florida is not as difficult as you may think. Working with a realtor in Tampa Bay can save you time, energy and money, as you can depend on their expertise in the real estate market, and also their experience in dealing with the financial institutions. Remember, times of adversity can be turned into times of opportunity – so use this opportunity to find a luxury home in Tampa today.

Best Time to Acquire Luxury Homes in Tampa Has Arrived

As with the rest of Florida, the real estate market in Tampa appears to be finally hitting rock bottom. With this in mind, there is no better time than now to invest in one of the luxury homes in Tampa. Whether the house to be purchased is to be used as a primary residence or vacation home, the best prices can be found now.

When the decline in the housing market took place across the country, Florida State was amongst the worst hit. House prices slid drastically leading to a high rate of foreclosures and short sales as many Americans became unable to come with the mortgage rates and their daily living cost. Even today, there are still many neighborhoods with foreclosure notices doting the landscape.

Despite the misfortune of many people losing their homes, it is during this downturn period that those with the financial means are able to make lucrative deals. From low cost housing to luxury homes in Tampa, the property prices have declined across the board. There is nothing better than striking when the iron is hot.

Tampa is one of those destinations that make for a wide variety of luxury homes. Being in Florida, the area experiences warm weather almost throughout the year with moderate showers. Having a bay means there are a lot of waterfront properties in Tampa to choose from. There are also many spacious estates with easy access to parks, beaches and golf courses.

Many luxury homes in Tampa are also strategically located to give easy access to the city and airport. From town houses to condos, there are a wide range of housing options that come at a high but worthwhile price. Some of the most expensive and desired luxury homes in Tampa are on the waterfront, back up into golf course or are a short walk from some of the most exclusive restaurants in the State.

Tampa Palms homes are just a sample of some of the many luxury homes one can choose from. They are located near the Lettuce Lake Regional Park and just north of the University of South Florida campus, this neighborhood is well situated and offer many desirable social amenities. This planned community has over 2,000 homes, most of which are within gated neighborhoods. There is access to the Hillsborough River through one of the parks allowing residents to partake of water activities.

Such neighborhoods have their schools, shopping centers and country clubs. For residents with no desire or business in the city, it is very easy to remain ensconced in the neighborhood as there is nothing lacking. Security in many of these neighborhoods is also very tight with regular patrols and electric gates in place.

Even for new homes located in such areas as Tampa Palms, the cost of acquisition is low compared to a similar period several years ago. House buyers can get really good quality for their money as many of the newly planned neighborhoods offer many facilities within the area allowing residents to lead a comfortable life without going far to satisfy their needs.

There are many luxury homes in Tampa to choose from. Buyers may be interested in other counties such as Pinellas or would want to join very new and upcoming communities like Apollo Beach. Whether your taste is to the more cosmopolitan setting or a private estate, Tampa has much to offer.

Tampa Luxury Homes For Those With a Discerning Eye For Quality

If you want to relocate to an elite location, then Tampa luxury homes can provide the kind of lifestyle you’re looking for. There are only a few places that are naturally suitable to construct luxury homes that have all the modern amenities, as well as beautiful landscaping, and the most pleasant settings imaginable. When buying a new home you should not only consider the proximity to good schools in the area, but also the best of neighbors, and the shopping and dining available. It’s worth remembering that Tampa has the most stunning coastlines in the United States.

When people invest in a luxury home, they expect to get the best services possible, and unparalleled views for which they are willing to spend a great deal of money. With Tampa luxury homes, you get all these and more. As a place to retire to and settle down, there couldn’t be a better place in the country. Beautifully located with miles of sandy beaches, perfect climatic conditions – Tampa has been drawing more and more visitors who are loath to leave this paradise once they get a taste of it.

Tampa, Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for summer vacation. It’s stable economy has made it an increasingly popular business hub that keeps attracting big names to relocate or open branches. Additionally Tampa is known for having some of the best golf courses in the country, courses that provide endless sunny days to play all the golf that any lover of the sport would want.

Tampa has a good public school system that serves the neighborhood well, and also a number of private schools for those who prefer their children to be educated in an elite environment. Tampa is committed to providing a good education to children living in the area, and has a well placed system that follows to post secondary level.

There are many other reasons for you to decide to live in Tampa, Florida with a great number of neighborhoods to choose from. When you choose Tampa luxury homes to settle down, you will realize that it’s the kind of place where you can live for ever, without finding it boring or lonely even when your children have grown up and flown the nest. The soothing serenity of the place will make you want to spend your retirement enjoying the splendors of this amazingly beautiful location, and you can be sure your children will always want to visit you to experience the comforts of home they were used to during their childhood.

Tampa’s economy does not rely only on tourism. It is steadily on its way to developing a strong base for telecommunications and various other industries. This means that high profile businessmen will need Luxury houses to live in, and there’s little doubt that most of them will prefer Tampa waterfront homes that are in high demand by those who are used to the luxury of living close to the sea.

Another valid reason to choose Tampa waterfront homes is the resale value, because that will keep on increasing year after year. If at any time you wish to move, selling your home at a good price will be unbelievably easy, as there’s always a waiting list of eager people wanting to grab these beautiful homes.

After spending most of your day working, it is great to be able to go home for the day relax in your own Tampa luxury homes; or even take retirement in style near beautiful Tampa Bay in luxurious Tampa waterfront homes. You can enjoy gorgeous scenery while basking in glorious sunshine throughout the year when you live in a Tampa Bay luxury home.

Tampa Luxury Homes – Things To Think About

Luxury Homes in TampaTampa luxury homes are the perfect solution and will meet all of the needs of the discriminate home buyer. Prospective home buyers looking for that ideal location, with climate that is perfect year round, beautiful beaches that are easily accessible, and some of the best championship golf courses around, all conveniently located in a major metropolitan area will find that Tampa, Florida is the place that offers this unique home purchasing opportunity.

Weather your personal tastes are for a home on a golf course or maybe located within a historical estate, you will find Tampa waterfront homes the ultimate choice for any homeowner who loves to watch the sunset or indulge in water sports.

So, have you been procrastinating about purchasing your dream home? If you have ever thought about purchasing a home in the Tampa area, you need to realize that the prices are at a all time low, and these declines could very well be short lived, as the housing market will rebound just like it has done in the past. So, you may wish to stop the procrastination while there is still opportunity available to purchase an upscale home and possibly save thousands of dollars. Each month there are fewer and fewer distressed sellers being found in the Tampa Bay area.

With the Tampa bay area offering some of the most desirable locations whether it be in the outlying suburban areas or right on the bay’s waterfront the unique locations and rich features will appeal to luxury home buyers. As recent numbers have shown the national housing market is seeing a comeback with average house prices rising, especially in the Tampa luxury home market.

There may be some foreclosures and short sales for you to consider, in these upper-price ranges. Consulting with a local real estate agent, may be the best plan of attack. They will be familiar with major price reductions on upscale homes and they will also be knowledgeable about low-interest mortgages, besides the great master-planned communities you may want to consider. Gated communities are popular in the Tampa Bay area and many upscale homes exist in a variety of these modern developments.

Obtaining the assistance and using services and knowledge of a professional realtor will not cost you anything. And when you plan on spending in excessive of $800,000 you want to make sure that you are getting the best value available. You may even get lucky and find one of those million plus dollar Tampa luxury homes at a great discount when you use a professional realtor.

Homes generally retain their value, however the upscale luxury homes in Tampa, because of their locations, may retain their value even better than lower priced homes. Also, the features found in these luxurious homes justify their higher prices. It is important to keep in mind when looking for your dream home is your personal wishes and desires and preferred lifestyle needs.

Tampa Bay is known for its clear sandy beaches, world-class shopping and wide selection of water activities such as Deep Sea fishing and boating which are just some of the benefits available to the discerning waterfront buyer. Other unique options that are available in the Tampa luxury housing market are exclusive golf course privileges, private stables and even homes on private historical estates.

Your home will probably be one of the largest investments you will ever make. So, if you are on the market for a luxury home, then a real estate agent will be the way to find the best home buying opportunities.

Tampa Luxury Homes Offer Unique Home-Buying Opportunities

For discriminating, upscale homebuyers, searching for the ideal, year-round climate and easy access to the best beaches, championship golf courses or a convenient major metropolitan area, Tampa luxury homes are the perfect solution! As one of the few major metropolitan areas to offer waterfront homes, Tampa Florida offers a unique home-buying experience.

While waterfront homes may be one of the most popular choices for unique home-buying experiences in Tampa, equestrian estates are popular, besides historical estates. Golf course homes are highly-desirable by those who love the sport, but Tampa Bay-front homes are primary considerations for homebuyers, who love water sports and panoramic views.

If you have considered purchasing a new home in the Tampa area, recent price declines could be short-lived, with the recovery of the housing market, on the near horizon. While it’s possible to save thousands of dollars on an upscale home, there are fewer distressed sellers being found in the Tampa area. Since this could indicate the bottom in housing market declines, you may not want to procrastinate any longer.

According to recent statistics, an upward trend in home sales and median home prices may be occurring nationally, and in the Tampa Bay area. Since Tampa luxury homes feature unique locations and resort-style amenities, each home is unique and will certainly appeal to particular buyers. Locations are among the best in the Tampa Bay area- whether they are in outlying rural and suburban areas or they sit right on the waters of the Bay.

There may be some foreclosures and short sales for you to consider, in these upper-price ranges. Consulting with a local real estate agent, may be the best plan of attack. They will be familiar with major price reductions on upscale homes and they will also be knowledgeable about low-interest mortgages, besides the great master-planned communities you may want to consider. Gated communities are popular in the Tampa Bay area and many upscale homes exist in a variety of these modern developments.

Since it costs nothing to use the services of a Tampa real estate agent, you should consider the knowledge that can be gained from an expert in the local housing marketplace. If you plan to spend more than $800,000 on your home, you certainly want to make sure you are getting the best value. Even homes listed for more than a million dollars, may be offered at substantial discounts.

On the other hand, Tampa luxury homes may retain their value better than lower-priced homes, due to their location. The unique features found in these upscale homes may justify their higher prices. The important thing to be considered is finding your ideal dream home, based on your preferred lifestyle and personal desires.

Some examples of these value-added features may include your own horse stable, boat docking facilities, exclusive golf course privileges or a private historical estate. Tampa Bay is known for its beautiful beaches, world-class shopping and wide array of water sports. Fishing, boating and relaxing on the beach are popular pastimes for homebuyers, who purchase an upscale home on the waterfront in the Tampa Bay area.

If you are searching for a luxurious or elegant place to call home, a Tampa real estate professional maybe the best way to find these unique home-buying opportunities. Because your home is likely the biggest investment your family will ever make, purchasing an upscale home in Tampa should be done with expert advice.