The 93-7 Rule of Real Estate

Picking the best realtor by Depositphotos_19348085It sounds like a punch line, but it’s the truth: it turns out 93% of real estate agents really are making the rest of us look bad.

Most people have heard of the 80-20 rule — that 80% of the work is usually done by 20% of the workers. In real estate, it’s (amazingly) more like the 93-7 rule: 7% of all agents are doing 93% of the sales.

That means fewer than one in ten are real “producers” in the business; the rest are just coasting along.

Do you want one of the 93% as your agent?

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Tips For Relocating To Tampa Florida

If you have been longing for warmer weather and sandy beaches, you may need tips about relocating to Tampa, Florida. While it isn’t as “tourist-y” as Orlando, it’s popular for those that want to live and work in a location that resembles paradise. There are plenty of tourist attractions that are within an hour of the Tampa Bay area, including the Gulf, Busch Gardens and Cypress Gardens or Tarpon Springs, but relocating to the Tampa Bay area offers a number of choices, when it comes to communities.

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Selecting a Real Estate Pro

One of the very first things you should do before making an investment in Tampa Bay real estate is to test your “staying power”. How long could you afford to make payments towards mortgage, taxes, insurance, repairs and more should the house not rent or sell as hoped? The same way individuals evaluate their ability to “stick with it” can also be used to measure the success of your own real estate agent.

In some respects, Tampa Bay real estate agents are like canaries in a coal mine… they provide a first warning when things might be going wrong.

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How to Find a Great Tampa Real Estate Agent & Save Thousands!

The real estate market in Tampa is in demand. When buying or selling a home, real estate agents are a crucial resource. They can give information about current availability of properties, their prices, financing, terms and conditions, information about housing market and much more. Many a times the real estate agent can prove to be a vital mediator for buying or selling properties for the best possible price. However, all this might turn out to be futile if one ends up choosing a wrong real estate agent.

By choosing a wrong real estate agent, you can end up with wrong advice or miss out on a good deal. Moreover, you might have to pay huge commission and end up gaining nothing. Choosing a wrong real estate agent can cost thousand of dollars. Every year several complaints are registered for being deceived by real estate agent.

With numerous Tampa real estate agents, how does one go about choosing the right real estate agent? The first and the most important aspect for this is the emphasis on experience. Always look for a real estate agent who is experienced in this field. You as a customer wouldn’t ever want to risk your Continue reading