Day Trips from the Tampa Area: A Sarasota Adventure

picture od sarasotaOne of the reasons that the Tampa area is a great place to live, one of the reasons why Tampa area real estate keeps its value and increases in value with regularity, rests in the fact that Tampa is located near a number of other beautiful and popular Sunshine State communities.  One city that is only a short trip from the Tampa area is Sarasota.  In fact, with regularity many residents of the Tampa area can be found planning enjoyable day trips to Sarasota.

Sarasota really does offer a visitor from the Tampa area a great deal to do.  There are many different recreational, entertainment and cultural activities available in Sarasota for a person or family that resides in the Tampa area.  Indeed, there are many family activities that people of all ages can enjoy participating in while in Sarasota on a day trip from the Tampa area.

Sarasota actually is considered to be a prime cultural center in the Sunshine State.  For example, Sarasota is home to Florida West Coast Symphony, the Florida Studio Theater, the Sarasota Players, the Sarasota Opera, and the Sarasota Ballet.  In addition, Sarasota hosts some tremendous cultural events on an annual basis, including the highly regarded and well attended Sarasota Music Festival.

There are also many historic sites in the City of Sarasota as well.  Indeed, Sarasota has one of the richest and most interesting histories of any community in Florida.  On so many levels, it can be said of Sarasota that history really does come alive on the streets of this interesting community.

Of course, as with nearly all Florida communities, recreational options abound in Sarasota.  For example, Sarasota boosts some truly remarkable beaches and golf courses that residents and visitors to the city appreciate and utilize with great regularity.  Tennis and other outdoor activities are also available to residents and visitors to the city.

Dining options abound in Sarasota.  Beyond some of the more nationwide casual dining restaurants, Sarasota is home to a wide range of different diners, restaurants and bistros that cater to a wide range of people.  There are many restaurants that are perfect for families with children.  At the other extreme, there are truly spectacular, intimate bistros that are perfect for a couple out on the town for a special evening.

Beyond dining, other nightlife options in Sarasota include dance clubs, sports bars and nearly any other kind of waterhole imaginable.

Finally, if you are a person who enjoys variety in shopping, Sarasota is the place to be for certain.  A day shopping in Sarasota can give you the chance to find anything you may need for yourself and your family.

In the end, there is so much to do in Sarasota, rather than plan a day trip to a community, you may want to consider making it a weekend adventure.  No matter what course you end up taking, you will be happy that you made the short drive from Tampa to Sarasota.

Day Trips from the Tampa Area: A Sarasota Adventure was last modified: February 11th, 2015 by Lance Mohr