New Homes Around Tampa Bay

Ashton Woods at South Tampa’s The Landings offers an interesting return to retro Southern homes, including walk-up porches, a balcony on the upper level and intermingling of small and large window panes. A single-sized front door adds to the charming style complete with modern features, such as a large double garage and beautiful lights on either side of the garage door. If the idea of a comfortable futon, porch swing, or chair outside on the second story sounds inviting to you, this is an area to consider for your home. Other styles intermix to present the image of planned elegance rather than cookie cutter cloning. Three and four bedroom homes are the norm at Ashton Woods. The builder has included green living into the style, potentially reducing energy costs and definitely offering a better lifestyle.

image of a new homeOne of the organizations that encourages new homes in Tampa Bay, whether it is virtual building such as an online business or a brick and mortar store, is the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Small businesses (typically businesses with 250 or fewer employees) are the backbone of our nation, keeping people working and providing the services consumers want or need. The Chamber works to provide programs of interest to businesses. In addition, there is no other organization quite like the Chamber in most areas, as they are a reliable reference for businesses that perform the services a business or home owner often need.

Another example of new construction around Tampa are the beautiful homes being built in Haven Bend. These beautiful homes-in-the-making qualify for Energy Star certification and are designed for families that enjoy living and entertaining at or near home. Plans cover as many as five bedrooms and one set of plans has a 17 x 21 foot master bedroom, leaving plenty of room for an overstuffed chair to curl up in while reading a favorite book. Quiet time is hard to get for mom or dad, and this could be the solution for which you have been looking. If a large kitchen and walk-in pantry are features that you have been looking for, these are homes definitely worth looking at.

Tampa is a beautiful area to live for singles and families, offering recreation, sports and cultural events, learning opportunities and an excellent way of life. If you have been wondering about or are considering purchase of new construction in Tampa, Fla., please visit

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