Risk-based Standards For Private Mortgage Insurers Could Restrict Leading

A new federal regulation proposal could change the standards for private mortgage insurers resulting in a stricter lending process.  The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is proposing a risk-based evaluation for Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac insurer portfolios.  The new analysis will ensure that each approved insurer has enough capital for claims under significant market stress.

Most of us remember when the housing market crashed almost 10 years ago. Housing costs dropped, new construction stopped, and private insurers’ financial strength ratings quickly vanished.  Companies were placed in receivership by federal regulators while mortgage underwriting standards were tightened and FHA, VA, and other guarantee programs drained the majority of their market shares. Prevention similar events has become a major concern for the FHFA.

In turn, they have proposed that private mortgage insurers guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac be subject to a risk-based capital evaluation. An analysis would be required in situations where the homebuyer is making a down payment of less than 20%, debt-to-income ratios are greater than 43%, and mortgages that do not meet specific requirements. Given FHFA adaptation of these new standards, the capacity to underwrite new mortgages by private insurers may be limited but Director Melvin Watts insists there is “sufficient industry capacity to meet the needs of high-LTV borrowers.”

The FHFA’s plan, as a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulator, is to shift the risk of market share loss back to private companies while protecting taxpayers from another bailout. The majority of FHA and VA guaranteed programs have cushioned their reserves by hiking up premiums and are now transitioning back to private companies while stymieing their underwriting capabilities through new risk-based evaluations.

Such a bold move on behalf of the federal government has received mixed reactions. Some companies are supportive of the proposal citing that compliance with the new regulation would not be an issue while others balk claiming restricted access to credit and decreased underwriting capabilities.

Inman News reported that most insurers who issued statements in response to the proposal agree with David H. Stevens, president and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) who stated “the proposed eligibility requirements are comprehensive and we will be conducting a detailed review of the standards to ensure they properly balance the need for strong capital, while preserving the ability of the industry to cost-effectively serve first-time buyers and working families.”

Before you start freaking out, please remember that this is simply and proposal and the FHFA is accepting comments on the draft proposal through September 8th. Overall, do you think this is a step in the right direction or a step backwards, comment below.

Overview Carrollwood Homes For Sale

Hi everybody this is Lance Mohr again real estate agent in Tampa and today I’m going to give you an overview on Carrollwood and again I do these videos because it is just vitally important when you are moving into an area or if you live in the area and move around that you pick the right area, the right subdivision, that is the most important thing you can do.  The last thing in the world you want to do is find a home, buy it, and find out you don’t like the area you live in; there’s nothing worse.  So as you can see it makes a lot of sense and I want to give you an overview.  I never like steering people into one area or saying you need to live here or you need to live there.  When I talk to people over the telephone, when I work with buyers and they come into my office I like to ask a lot of questions.  I don’t want people just to live where I live, I want them to live where it is going to be best for them which is why I do these overview videos.

So anyhow let’s talk a little bit about Carrollwood.  Carrollwood is a really nice more matured area.  It is located off of Dale Mabry in North Tampa.  A lot of times when people come to me the questions that they have and what they are looking for could be vast.  Maybe they want a newer community.  Maybe they want an older community.  Most of Carrollwood was built in the 70s and 80s and it was a luxury community when it was built.  You can tell that because you have a lot of homes that were built in the 70s and 80s that were 2500 to 3000 square feet and I notice to some of you that might not seem really big right now in today’s market but back then that was huge because most of the homes were around 1500 to 1600, 1700 or maybe 2000 square feet; so there are some really, really nice homes in Carrollwood.  It is really in the nucleus of Tampa.  Being on Dale Mabry you have tons of restaurants, comedy clubs, bars, auto mobile dealerships; pretty much anything you can want.  It is really close to the Tampa airport and pretty much anything movie theaters wherever you want to be.  If you are looking for an upscale more matured community and area I would definitely recommend Carrollwood as a really good way to go.  Again, it is very nice and convenient to everything.  So I hope this helps you.  If you have any questions on Carrollwood or the surrounding areas don’t hesitate to give me a call.  I will give you my viewpoint on things and again the more information you can give me, the more I can help you out.  If you are relocating here and want to know more information, I have some great information and resources on my website on school reports, crime reports, lifestyle searches you can do, and those are great.  You can put in an address or zip code and it will tell you the different schools, the different restaurants, the different health clubs, comedy clubs; you name it is going to show you.  There are some great educational videos if you have any questions and you are not familiar with what are property taxes or homesteader laws or how short-sales or bank-owned properties work; don’t hesitate to fill out the contact form on my website and either send me an email or just give me a call.  I look forward to talking to you and I wish you the best of luck in your home buying.  Goodbye.

Tampa Real Estate News – July 2014 Market Update

Take a look at the video about to view the latest Tampa real estate news and statistics for July 2014. This real estate market update will give you great insight as to what kind of market we are in. The data comes directly from My Florida Regional MLS. MFRMLS is the MLS provider for all Realtors in Central Florida.


Hi everybody this is Lance Mohr I’m getting these real estate statistics done early this month and the reason why I do this is for you the home buyers and home sellers in the Tampa area.  Can you imagine going out and looking for a home and spending could be weeks or months and finally finding the perfect home you like after all that time, the nights, the weekends, and all the looking and driving around and not really understand what type of real estate market we are in and then you lose the home to another buyer?  That’s really why I do this so you have a good idea not only where it is overall but where the real estate market is more specifically for your price range as well.

So let’s start off and go over and we will talk about the overview page.  We are going to talk about the actives right here.  We can see the active homes for sale have been going up.  If you look back to October of 2013 they were 4,680 and now they are 5,225 so they have gone up quite a bit.  We can go over to pending as you can see; they are really floating up and down but they are pretty steady around 3,300 in the low 3,000s and then you go down to the sold homes and as you can see we are on a good part of the year right now, the summer months which they are generally a little higher and in the May, June, July and even August timeframe as well and you will start to see a dip in September area.

Here’s the thing a lot of people don’t pay attention to is the pending homes as a percentage of the active.  I know a lot of times I sort of skip through this but the higher the number, the more of a seller’s market it is.  You can see right here 58% in June and now we are at 63%.  You can see it has been basically in the 60s and 70s since about the beginning of the year even October of last year and then probably the most important statistic right here is the supply and demand; basically the health of the market.  We are still under 4 months of inventory.  As I say six months is a stable market and not really a buyer or sellers so if the average sales price is about $180,000 or so, you are looking at six months of inventory.  So we are at a little under 4, at 3.76 months of inventory.  It is definitely a seller’s market.  Keep in mind when you also look at it you have to figure there is a certain percentage of the homes that home buyers are looking at and it is good for sellers to know this, but a lot of the homes are overpriced.  You might have probably 50% if not even a little bit more of the homes that are actually overpriced and some of them are just going to be in really, really bad condition and then some of them are going to be in bad condition and then average, then good, then really good.  Of course everybody is looking at the home that is a nice home in a nice area for a fair price and depending on your price range you are probably going to be competing with other home buyers.  I just had one of my buyers this week we put an offer in at $150,000 home and unfortunately there were 37 other offers.  That is not normal but still you don’t want to be in that situation.

So anyhow let’s take a little bit closer look at homes right here.   As you can see I color coded these to make it a little easier on people; the active, the pending, and the sold.  If we go down here to the inventory you can see even up to $500,000 the inventory is very, very low.  4.26 months from $300,000 to $500,000 is extremely tight inventory and it is low or anything below that. So anywhere from $500,000 – unless the inventory is very low.  Now one thing keep in mind on short sales is you can see where we are at in short sales right now.  If you look at the percentage of short sales on the market actively available you are looking at 9% of the market.  Thirty-two, almost 1/3 of every home that has a contract and is in the MLS is having a contract on it is a short sale but 7% actually are selling.  That’s about 21-22% of the homes are actually selling or closing that are short sales so you want to keep that in mind if you are going after a short sale and that is the avenue you want to go down.

I hope you like this information.  I hope this helps whether you are a home buyer or home seller.  I can’t tell you how many people over the last several years have been working with another real estate agent in Tampa and then they come to me and they realize the market that we are in and it changes everything.  It is really important if your realtor is not up to date on the market and what is going on then you need to be.  Hopefully they should be I know a lot of them are not but they don’t pull these statistics and get the information but definitely they should be and hopefully this helps you.  If you have any questions please shoot me an email and give me a call.  If you haven’t been to my website lately Tampa2enjoy.com and I know most of you have, definitely take a look.  It has been completely revamped.  Tons and tons and tons of helpful information; crime reports, school statistics, lifestyle search which is incredible; you can go in and you can find where health clubs are, where hospitals are, where restaurants are, where schools are all around where you live or where you want to live and of course I do the home buyer webinars.  I have tons of educational videos on the website.  Of course you can go to the website every month.  I do these market updates so you can go back several months and look at these.  Alright have a great day.  If you know anybody looking at buying or selling please give me a call.  If you like my website please like it on Facebook.  I have a Facebook like button there and Google Plus.  Have a great day.

Please visit my real estate blog for more Tampa real estate news. I do monthly statistics so you are kept in the loop. View June statistics: click here

Americans Are Spending too Much on Rent

A recent report shows that one in three Americans is spending too much on rent. In housing markets across the nation, rent is becoming quite unaffordable for Americans. According to a report by RealtyTrac, in the current household market, Americans have to pay over 30% of their pay check or monthly median income on rent for three-bedroom homes. This is much higher than the conventional threshold for affordability. In some cities, the percentage of the monthly income spent on rent is much higher.

Urban areas feeling the pinch

The best example to show how rent prices have increased is the Bronx. In this New York City borough, a typical household uses about 66% of its monthly median income to pay for rent for a three-bedroom house. This is the highest percentage of salary used for rent in all US counties according to the same report. The Bronx is home to some of the poorest communities in the country with the overall median income being less than $35,000. However, the average rent price here is almost $1800 per month, which is very high.

This is also the case in other urban areas like Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Miami and Baltimore where there is a sizeable population of low-income residents. In these areas, renters are paying about 50% of their monthly income to cover rent prices.

Renters are being prevented from becoming homeowners

It comes as no surprise that renters are unable to save enough or do not have the financial ability to pay for or to buy a home. Ironically, the economic or foreclosure crisis caused many people to become renters and years of economic instability has kept many renters form becoming homeowners and leaving their rental properties. This is according to a study by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard.

These reasons led to a huge rise in demand for rental properties and this in turn pushed rent prices up by over 21% since 2006. In another blow to renters, real income has also fallen. Real income is the actual income after inflation has been taken into consideration, and over the last six years, it has fallen by 14% according to the Director of the Housing Studies Center at Harvard – Chris Herbert.

High rent is keeping people back

Not only are renters giving up on their dreams to become homeowners, but about one in four renters is spending over 50% of their income on rent – according to a report by the Center. This is forcing many renters to make severe budget cuts that would otherwise be spent on healthcare, retirement and food.

Moreover, according to the Managing VP of Community Development at Capital One – Laura Bailey, unaffordable housing and resulting financial problems prevents people from advancing their careers and from pursuing higher degrees. They are also unable to save enough to make down payments on a home and this vicious cycle forces them to remain in rental properties. According to her, when housing becomes affordable, people can focus on improving their lives and careers and ultimately become more productive.

Prepare Your New Home For a Hurricane

Hurricane StormHurricanes are fairly common in regions like Maine and Texas and are one of the most devastating natural phenomenons on earth. They bring with them heavy rainfall, flooding and high speed gusty winds that are extremely powerful. When moving into a new house that is located in a hurricane-prone area, it is advisable to start work on protecting your home from the very start. When a disaster strikes, you want to have a safe home to keep your family and belongings from harm’s way.

Here is a look at some of the basic things that you can do to prepare your new home for a hurricane.

Building code requirements

First and foremost the thing to do is to find out whether your home adheres to latest building code regulations and requirements with consideration to high wind activity. Buildings made with the objective of standing tall, even in high wind conditions, have a better chance of surviving the ordeal than the ones that are not. While you can get some of that done with basic hardware tools, you need to hire a professional contractor if the structure of the house needs to be changed.

Out in the open

Having loose stones, rocks and gravel outside the house for landscaping purposes is not a good idea for regions that are prone to hurricanes. They can easily be replaced by torn bark that looks equally as good, and cementing is a good option as well. If you have trees, plants and shrubs in the vicinity, you have to make sure to be on top of things and keep them well-trimmed and taken care off. Weak tree branches falling on the house are some of the most common reasons for devastation caused by a hurricane.

Working on the structure

If you are planning to rebuild or remodel the entire house, make sure that you get the following things done:

  • Make use of only impact-resistant windows and patio doors that have shutters, which can be firmly closed to prevent things flying into the house during the storm.
  • Use a minimum of three hinges along with a heavy dead bolt lock for installing doors and make sure that they are attached properly to the walls.
  • Garage doors can be quite big, so they are one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. It is required that you get your garage door inspected by a qualified inspector and replace it if required. Use stiffeners in addition to center supports for the doors, which can be removed after there is no threat.
  • For roofing, make sure that the professional you have hired removes the entire material the previous roof is made off before putting in the new material. It is important to focus on making the sheathing of the roof as strong as possible.
  • Changes have to make to the various floors of the house with the help of a qualified professional.

Be prepared

Make yourself and your family well-versed with the disaster preparedness plans used by the community or neighborhood that you are going to stay in. Always be well-stocked with food and liquids in case you are in house arrest due to the hurricane. In addition to this, have an emergency kit or bag ready that contains essential items like first-aid, medicines, all purpose knives, torches and other similar items.

Tampa2Enjoy Real Estate Website Overview



Hi everybody my name is Lance Mohr and I’m a real estate agent here in Tampa, Florida and I wanted to go over this overview on my website Tampa2enjoy because I’ve put my 20 plus years in this industry into this website and it is not just for people who are going to be moving to Tampa though there are certain aspects of it that are just for people who are going to be living in the area but whether you are living in other parts of Florida or even in the country there’s a lot of really, really valuable information and a lot of things you could find on this website. The reason why I did it like this and structured it to be so educational in all areas is because when my wife and I moved out of Texas, Dallas in 2005 and we got to Florida it just seemed like all of the websites were the same; no one could give us any information or tell us anything so what I wanted to do is I wanted to build a website that could answer about 99% of everybody’s questions, not just my questions or your questions but everybody’s questions. Let me just go over this and I will tell you this, if you look at this website and you start actually using it you are going to find a ton of valuable resources on it that you just will not find anywhere else because I have done a lot of the searching and everything for you and I have spent hours, weeks, and months looking for stuff so you don’t have to.
I just think we are in an information society and you need to give people not only information but correct and accurate information. So let me just go through this and I’m not going to spend too much time on each one of these because I don’t want this to be a very long video but we will just start off right here under area information. The first is the crime reports. I think this is just…I will take you to the page right here this in my opinion is just a great company. I spent weeks looking for all of the different ones and playing around with them. What is really nice about this right here…you can go in and enter a city, you can move the map around, zoom and zoom out, if you are looking at a specific home just enter the address right here and it is going to take you to all of the crime and you can look at it and you can see there are little dropdowns for different…to enter homicides or what you want to do or if you want sexual offence, assaults, or offenses or whatever. There’s a ton of stuff. Right here you can do date ranges; there’s a whole bunch of information. This right here you just click on it and as you can see it pops up and says auto burglary and gives the date. It just happened less than one week ago. I think by default they are all about within the week. Again you can zoom in and zoom out and check that out but that is a really good website I think when it comes to crime. I lot of people want to know crime when they are moving in the area. The other is school information. The school information is more the county school information whether you are in Hillsborough, Pasco, or Pinellas County the school reports and profiles are more of an independent company; a site with different profiles and independent reports of schools. The lifestyle search right here I wish I had this and wish it was around when we moved here because this was really important to me. This is what it is right here; my wife and I when we moved to Tampa it was really important to me to have a health club around me and to know where the different health clubs are, churches, etc. This is really good. It defaults on the homes for sale page right here but I don’t use their homes for sale because it is in my opinion pretty much junk. Just click on the lifestyles search right here and you can see you just turn it on and you can go to schools. You can search by schools, worship centers, fitness centers, golf courses, and what it will do, I’ll just do this really quickly on fitness; just put a little dot right there and you can see they all pop up right here. Now keep in mind some of this information you are seeing they could be if you are looking for say fitness it could be a karate studio. If you are looking for hospitals it could be an urgent care. This is how they input it and how they let people know in karate studios under fitness and urgent care is under hospital. You need to just sort of hover over and look; okay what about right here; there’s LA Fitness great. What’s this one? That’s Quest martial arts studio. Anyhow that gives you a really good idea. There’s a ton of stuff. You can play around with this. You can draw maps. There are all kinds of things you could do; really beneficial. I just have other information in here of things to do. I like theater so I put that in there all the different play houses and the weather and the county maps so you know where the counties are. A lot of people say where is Hillsborough County and where does Hillsborough and Pasco meet or Pinellas etc.?
If you are looking at relocating I have a lot of relocation tips. I’ve relocated myself a few times and I’ve helped relocate, on corporate level, hundreds of families. Sellers there is a lot of information on different seller mistakes and reports right there, interviews and realtor tips. If you want a free home evaluation just fill out your address and I can get you that. The area information; what I’m trying to do with the area information if you look right here and scroll down you will see Apollo Beach and these are some of the bigger subdivisions in Apollo Beach; Fish Hawk Ranch is a subdivision unto itself in Apollo Beach Let me show you what I’ve done on this right here. If you look this is the New Tampa page and it is like this in all the cities. Now some of the cities Carrollwood because it is an older area there’s not…I just did all of Carrollwood because a lot of the subdivisions back in the 70s and 80s are really, really small subdivisions. There are not a lot of really big subdivisions and I don’t want to just do Carrollwood Golf and Country Club. Give you an example, you come over here and you can look and see where the different subdivisions are. You can click right here and that will take you to the subdivision. You can also look at all of the homes for sale and you can see right here. What I did is on cities I do a video and I’m really trying to tell everybody about the city because a lot of times people will say I don’t know anything about Riverview, New Tampa, or Apollo Beach so I’m really explaining to them what type of community it is; not from a sales person’s point of view but my job as a real estate agent is to educate people and give them the correct information and they can make the decisions themselves. That is what I do here. It is a little over five minutes and then I have a write up on it and again down here if you want to do a lifestyle search it is on pretty much every page again just go to lifestyles, turn lifestyles on and then do whatever you need to do.
That’s that and that goes over all of these and then you have different types of searches. Right here videos; the video tips are really good because what I’m trying to do there is really educate people; again we are in the information age. Fortunately there’s a lot of really good information out there for no money; unfortunately there’s a lot of really bad information out there and I see and hear it all especially when it comes to real estate. This video right here is about homestead laws and property taxes; my next one is about short sales and I do ones in bank owned because there’s a lot of information out there in short sales and foreclosures not foreclosed but foreclosure homes that is really inaccurate and I have been doing foreclosures and short sales since 1999. You have information of what are CDD fees. Boy I look a little funny in some of these! Hiring a buyer’s agent, new homes, this one right here if you are looking into new homes this is really an absolute must watch because it just is so in depth. It is my longest video I have ever done 32 minutes which is an eternity for me but it has a lot of really good information. There’s a lot of really good information. I also do statistics. I get so sick of these newspapers and news media reporting inaccurate information. This is raw data taken directly from the MLS. I’m not giving you my opinions on anything I’m just showing you the facts. This is going to be more than the Tampa Bay area in general and not other parts of Florida. Testimonials; these are video testimonials. Our blog has some really good information on it. I don’t put junk in there and of course about us. Again you can search some of these waterfront properties and they try to give you information if you are looking for waterfront properties and what you might want to look for in luxury homes. Again foreclosures etc.; doing a map search and even luxury pages but I’m not going to go through every single one of these; you can look. Go down a little further and there’s property search right here. Here’s the deal breaker for a lot of people. The nice thing and let me just go ahead and click in that and I’ll take you back; the nice thing we have over a lot of these pages out here is this; it might say pages Zillow, Trulia and all of them is this right here. The problem is our MLS sells data to everybody and everybody gets the same stuff. Don’t let anyone fool you like they don’t. They send everybody Trulia, Zillow, individual offices and agents the same information. What I have on my website is I am allowing you to manipulate it in a way most sites are not. What I mean when you are getting all of these other sites you are looking at homes that are actively available for sale and homes that have contracts on them. What I’m doing is allow you to just look at homes that are active for sale because why look at a bunch of homes and fall in love with the home, drive by and look at it, call an agent just to find that the property has a contract on it three weeks ago and it is not even available. They are done with the appraisals, inspection, and are waiting to close and that is what’s happening. This will give you the way to just search just for active listings. You can do this and it is a real big time saver. I also do home buyer webinars. I do two of them per week. It is only about a half-hour long with great free gifts. I do home seller webinars; two per week again fantastic free gift especially in this one for home sellers. All you need to do is just put your first name and your email address to register and pick a date that you want to come and you are good to go. Both of these are about a half-hour long; again I don’t like to just keep on boring you with everything but if you look through the website tons and tons of great information that I’ve done the research for you. I hope this helps you. If you have any questions whatsoever reach out to myself and either myself or team member will give you a call back. I always try to return all calls and emails myself. I wish you the best of luck and have a wonderful day.

Tampa Real Estate Market Statistics For May 2014

Check out the above video to view the Tampa real estate market statistics for May 2014. I do these real estate market statistics in Tampa to help educate home buyers and sellers. The data is taken directly from the MLS (MFRMLS). Please give me a call in you have any questions.


Hello everybody this is Lance Mohr I hope you are having a good day.  I wanted to just go over the real estate statistics.  I know for quite a few of you who follow us every month who want to see where the market is, where the market has been, and where the market is going I think that is great and I know it can get a little boring at times because you are not going to see some huge change from month to month but if you follow this over time and as just an example going back a year right here, look at last year where we were on inventory 3384 to last month in May over 5000 homes in the market and the same thing if we go to February to see where we were and of course 2013 was a little….I don’t want to say better it was a little different of a year because a lot more hedge funds were in the market sliding things a little bit but you can see where we’ve gone.  You could see the monthly statistics; the home active listings went up slightly.  You have the pending sales pretty much stayed the same.  I think when you look right here short sales are continuing to drop as far as I think a lot of people are staying away from them.  They are still about 9% or 10% of the entire inventory out there but here’s where the change is really occurring from last month to this month is short sales as you can see last month were 6% of all homes that closed and in April and May then went to 8%.  Look at what bank owned did, they went from 23% to 19%.  I’m not really sure why the short sales why this is happening right here.  It could have just been a backlog and they were clearing out a little bit.  I think with the bank owned you are starting to see, you’ve been seeing over time if you have been in the market or if you are a real estate agent in the market you have been seeing, the banks have just been over pricing their homes.  I’m seeing a lot of that.  Unfortunately banks and a lot of their agents, not that the agents really have any control over it because they are really…a bank agent is like a property manager, they are basically put there not to market, they are not put there for any form of customer service at all because it is some of the worst and they are some of the most unethical realtors…I hate to say that but it is true.  They are pretty much like glorified property managers.  They are there to appease the bank and do paper work for the bank; that’s basically what it is.  What is happening is they really don’t have a lot into it and the banks’ ultimate decision to get educated but I’m seeing a lot of this where the bank might take a property and price it $185,000 or you will see some really ridiculous prices like $187, 650.  Stuff like that and it will be over priced and in 30 days they will lower it and in another 30 days they will get it to where it should be but in the banking world on an REO property 30 days and 60 days in the market is quite a while and the home is already getting shop worn and people are starting to stay away from it.  No different than if people are selling home the same thing tends to happen.  Then the bank will eventually get a lower price than they probably would have if they had priced it right but they are really not following the market trends.  This was a good thing last year and it was great because the banks did not quite have it figured out until probably the end of the summer how good the market really was but unfortunately right now banks think the market is better than it is.  They think we are still in a 2013 market and we are not and so a lot of overpricing that way.  You are seeing bank drops right here.  I think this is the reason why.  If you look this is comparison over time which is great to see what is going on.  You can sort of even if I wanted to go back even further you can see right here going all the way back to 2013 and trailing into 2012 and 2011 it goes back quite a way.  Anyhow you have this as statistics right here.  You have May with a little further breakdown it is a good idea to have an idea where you are if you are looking at buying a home or if you are looking at selling a home.  Where does your home lie?  Is it 100 to 200?  Is it 200 to 300?  Where is it and what is the inventory like?  Overall the inventory still under 4 months which is really good.  You have to figure the average sales price of $180,000.  You have right here you have inventory under 3 months for $100,000 to $200,000; even at $200,000 to $300,000 still very low inventory 300 to 500 very low inventory.  I know this does not seem like low inventory right here but look at the price ranges.  Check this out.  If you have any questions on anything; real estate questions or any questions on the real estate market in general don’t hesitate to reach out and give me a call.  I also have on my website tampatoenjoy.com a lot of great educational videos.  I really wish people would start watching more of those because I get a lot of…yesterday I had someone contact me and she was very confused about how CDD fees work and home owner’s associations and a lot of people are still very unfamiliar with really how foreclosure/short sales work and how bank-owned properties work.  I have all that information on my website tampatoenjoy.com.  I also do this right here every week as you can see the home buyer webinars for buyers at TBbuyerwebinar.com and TBsellerwebinar.com.  You are going to save tons of time just watching this because most people who are searching for a home if you like it great continue to do it but most people are not doing it right and they are just going to all these sites that are just more frustrating than good.  I know visually Zillow and Trulia look good but you know it really, really hurts people I think in the long run because they are just a train wreck of a site, just completely outdated information.  I know everybody is trying to find something that the next person doesn’t know about, but once you know the person or have an in on an investor that is just going to give you free money – because that is what an investor would be doing if they gave you a tip, giving you free money, I don’t think that is going to happen.   Certainly not on websites like Trulia, Zillow or the MLS.  Basically you have to be the first to the party so to speak.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a call.  Visit my website tampatoenjoy.com.  Go to my Facebook page.  Go to my Google Plus page.  Like me.  I appreciate it and I hope you have a great week.  Have a great day as well.  Goodbye.

Becoming a Florida Resident

Florida is one of the most populated states in the US, and that says a lot about the kind of place it really is. If you are one of the people who have decided to settle in the state permanently and become a Florida resident, there are certain legal steps that you have to take to declare it as your domicile state. This gives you the benefit of not having to pay taxes to the state that you are moving from, in addition to the essential right of being able to vote. Here is a complete walk-through for becoming a resident of Florida.

File a declaration of domicile for Florida

The declaration of domicile is a legal document that allows you to declare officially that you are a Florida resident because of the fact that you have a residence that you wish to use on a permanent basis. Even if you have other properties or homes in other states, you need to declare that your house in Florida be considered as your primary and predominant home. The declaration has to be signed by you with a Deputy Clerk or Notary Public as your witness.

Procure a Driver’s License registered in Florida

If you have a valid driving license from another state, a written or practical driving test is not required to get a driver’s license in Florida. Take the license you already have along with your identity documents to get a Florida DL. Other documents that are required include Social Security number, proof of Florida residence address, and change of name documents if any. You are required to get done with this procedure within 30 days of declaring your domicile.

Vehicle registration

All the vehicles that you own including cars, trucks, and boats have to be registered at the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. This includes getting the required insurance and paying the registration fees.

Voter registration

This can be done either with the Supervisor of Election or while you are getting your Florida DL. The registration closes 30 days prior to the election and opens only after the elections are over.

Regarding payment of taxes

You can pay your final taxes from the state that you previously lived in before moving to Florida and notify the officials about the move. Make sure that you list your new Florida residence address when filing for federal taxes and alert the Social Security Administration about the change of address.

Miscellaneous memberships

Transfer your membership for banks, churches, clubs and groups to be registered for Florida. This is an indication of your loyalty to the state and proves your sincerity of giving back to the community in whatever way possible.

Buying a new home

If you have the requisite capital, and you are sure of permanently staying in Florida, it is better to buy a house in the state than to rent one. This is because it makes you eligible for the Florida homestead exemption that gives you tax benefits while establishing your domicile.

Contact Me

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Overview of Brandon, Florida

Hi my name is Lance Mohr and I want to do this overview and go over Brandon, Florida.  I’m a Brandon real estate agent and I just want to try to help you get a little more familiar with Brandon if you are thinking about maybe relocating there or buying a home, renting a home etc.


Brandon is located in Hillsborough County.  It is off the 75 and it is just south of the I-4.  It is an older area predominantly Brandon was built in the 70s and 80s.  You will see some home in the 50s and 60s.  You will see some homes in the 90s and 2000s but predominantly they are smaller homes maybe 13, 15, or 2000 square feet built in the 70s, built in the 80s.  It is very, very nice if you are looking for areas that have a lot of things to do.  They have tons and tons of restaurants there, movie theaters, tons of shopping, and just everything.  As a matter of fact, people who live in Riverview, Apollo Beach, all the surrounding areas pretty much need to go to Brandon if they want to do things but with that being said when you get on some of their major roads like the 60 it can get very, very congested during rush hour so keep that in mind.

Style and Appearance

It really depends what you are looking for.  If you sort of like that more matured look and you want something built in the 70s and 80s Brandon could be a really good fit. If you are looking for something newer and you want to be in a newer community there are sections of Brandon that are newer and some of them are gated but you might be looking in areas like Riverview which is just south of Brandon that is a little bit newer and then you have some other areas surrounding Brandon also.  Overall it is a good area.  I would definitely go on my website tampa2enjoy.com where you could look up school information and crime information.  I do a lot of these videos in different cities.  Just go on to my YouTube channel and go to the search where I think it looks like a little magnifying glass and you can type in the different cities or if you want to get information of Florida property taxes, what are CDDD fees and if you are in an older community you really don’t need to worry about CDDD fees but if you are in probably the mid-90s to 2000s I would definitely watch that video.  There are videos on bank-owned homes, short sales/foreclosures, a lot of different information to help you out.  Go in there and check it out.  If you have any questions on Brandon or the area don’t hesitate to give me a call (813)-317-4009.  I wish you the best of luck.