Tips to Buying a Child-Friendly Home

Image of a child friendly home playgroundFor those who are looking to purchase their first luxury home in Tampa Bay, you already have a lot on your mind. Considering the great investment that this will be for you and your family, you will off course want to find the best deal out there. If you have kids at present or are contemplating having a family in the near future, then you have an additional factor to consider: Is the home child friendly?

Considering the child friendliness of the home will help ensure that your child is safe and you don’t have a hard time keeping watch over them. Here are some factors you must consider whether you already have kids or are open to the possibility in the future.

Think SIZE

One of the first things you will need to look for is a home with a reasonably sized yard. A balcony will only last until the child is about a year old, then they will need much more space to explore.  You must remember that kids love outdoor space so if you want to make sure they don’t grow up to be couch potatoes, then make sure that luxury home of yours has a sizable yard.

If you are looking into one of those condos in Tampa, then check the complex and be sure it has a playground and enough space.

Still on the topic of space is the kitchen. We all know how kids love to visit the kitchen after playtime outside.  Make sure that the home has a sizable kitchen as well-sizable meaning a table good for more than two people can fit and still give you room to work around it.


Once the kids get older, you will need a lot of storage for toys, clothes, books and the like. Bedrooms must have ample storage space for them to keep their stuff. Make sure that the rooms you intend to be used by the kids have cabinets, and are spacious enough to add other forms of storage. Remember too that as they grow older, they will also probably need a study table so make sure there is room for that too.
A playroom is also something that you would need so your kids can have a place to play indoors when winter comes. It doesn’t have to be massive but just enough for them to move around with ease.

Looking for and purchasing a home that your kids will grow up in is a serious matter. Although needs may change as time goes and they grow, storage and space are two of the things that won’t change.

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