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Saving my clients time, money and frustration has been a focus of mine throughout my real estate career; and nowhere, I think, is that philosophy better exemplified than when I do an online market value analysis for them.

What’s a “market value analysis“? It’s a free service I offer sellers, to help you get a better idea of what your Tampa home will actually sell for. It’s an important first step for a lot of sellers, and you can request one by filling out the form below.

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There’s a reason I do this; Tampa home prices are difficult for a lot of folks to get a good handle on, whether they’re newcomers to the market or even seasoned professionals. There’s been a sense, at least since the internet came to dominate much of the information we come by, that whatever you need to know can just be “looked up” and be accurate.

picture of home - from Deposit PhotosBut if you go to check out South Tampa homes for sale, for instance, on a website like Zillow, you’re going to see a valuation number that’s a lot different from the one listed on Trulia; and that number is going to be different from the valuation you’d find for these homes listed on the county clerk or treasurer’s website. Yet another number greets you when Tampa homes are actually listed for sale: the asking price. That asking price, of course, is almost never as low a figure as the owner will really accept, but there isn’t a single hard-and-fast rule to figure out what that acceptable number actually will be.

What I do is an honest-to-goodness, authoritative, and exhaustive comparable analysis on the property in question. That means I’ll look at the basics of a property, things like square footage, lot size, bedrooms and bathrooms, and compare it with the prices of other homes that are for sale (and have sold) in your area. Tampa home prices are also affected by the quality of materials used, amenities on the property (and nearby), as well as less obvious things like school districts, proximity to parks and whether Tampa home builders in the neighborhood were able to sell their homes quickly, or found themselves marketing them for extended periods before sales.

If the property is among the area’s rental homes, I’ll also see whether other Tampa homes for rent in the neighborhood have recently sold, and whether a neighborhood is mostly rental properties or mostly owner-occupied. And if there are other circumstances that I know from my own experience will affect the ultimate price of the home, I can work those in as well.

The result is an effective picture of where your property fits within the sphere of Tampa home prices, and a good starting point for a discussion about how best to market and sell the home. If you’d like to see the results of all this for your home, please fill out the home valuation form.

If you have any question about home prices in Tampa Bay, conditioning, staging and/or marketing please give me a call at 813-317-4009.

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