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In the Video below you will learn everything you need to know about purchasing a new home from a builder.
New vs Pre-Owned, Quality vs Quantity, How to make the most money, Should you use a Realtor, Land (size vs location), Questions to ask builders, The truth about builder warranties and a whole lot more.
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You may have many questions on your mind when in the market for new homes in Tampa Bay: “What home builder should I choose?” “What community is going to be better?” “What are my risks if anything goes wrong during the construction process?” A builder representative can provide you with info about his particular company, including house plans, standard features offered, and community amenities available. However, most home builders just don’t see the big picture of ALL new developments under way in Tampa Bay area and don’t have an UNBIASED way to explain in what way his company is different.

I also get a chance, from time to time, to offer advice. It’s going to surprise a lot of people shopping for real estate: if you’re after the best deal, don’t focus exclusively on the existing home market, but consider some of the offerings from Tampa new home builders.

It may seem counterintuitive that new construction might be a better value than an existing home, but you have to look beyond the purchase price; there are a few real, bottom-dollar factors that can make the deal sweeter in the long run.

new homes in Tampa, FL picture from Bigstock PhotosNot least among them, especially in today’s lending environment, is the possibility of a better mortgage. A handful of traditional lenders offer more favorable terms for new homes — and, more significantly, several of the larger home builders in Tampa have existing relationships with lenders, and may offer mortgage rates slightly better than the open market.

Second, remember new homes are just that: new. Maintenance costs on older homes can mount as the age of the home starts to show, whereas a new home needs a fraction of the cost to keep up. Couple that with brand new appliances like furnaces and refrigerators — and the fact that all new homes in Tampa are offered with warranties from the builder — and you’ve got a pretty nice chunk of change you *know* you won’t be shelling out.

Third, think about energy savings. Professional home builders in Tampa, FL call our area a “cooling dominated climate,” which just means most days of the year we tend to use a lot of energy cooling our homes. Advanced construction materials and techniques have made new homes hugely more energy-efficient than even those built 10 years ago; the utility savings alone easily adds up to several hundred dollars every year — again, money you’re not spending.

Finally, and again mostly due to new materials, codes and techniques, new homes are safer homes. That doesn’t just help you sleep better at night, but also makes your insurance company happier as well. With most new homes in Tampa, FL offering features that typically reduce the cost of home insurance — like security systems, better electrical wiring, stronger roofing, integrated smoke and fire alarms, and even gated community layouts — the money you won’t spend can balance or even positively offset slightly higher purchase prices presented by the new home builders.

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