Tampa Waterfront Homes for Sale

Are you looking at Tampa waterfront homes for sale? We prepared a list of waterfront home for sale in Tampa and surrounding areas. If you have any question about any home for sale please give me a call and let my help you. I am a real estate expert and can save you time and frustration when looking. Plus – my services are FREE to you as a home buyer.

Below find MLS listings of homes and condos with with breathtaking views. Tampa Bay is one of the few metropolitan areas in the United States that offers a great variety of waterfront real estate. From oceanfront condos to lakefront estates, you will enjoy gorgeous sunsets, beaches and a host of fun activities such as water-skiing, fishing and boating!

I’ve helped hundreds of folks look for Tampa homes for sale, and I’ve noticed that they tend to talk about the same three things, particularly if they’re coming from out-of-state — and I don’t mean location, location, location!

It’s “sun, sea and sand.” We’ve got plenty of all three, and nowhere is this more evident than when you take a look at some of the Tampa waterfront homes for sale. In Tampa, FL, like a lot of the Sunshine State, there’s something pretty attractive to people about being right on the beautiful water — with nothing between you and what might’ve been a long-time dream. But there’s more to being a waterfront property owner than most lifetime land-locked folks might imagine; there are issues and possible concerns about waterfront homes that are unlike any other homes for sale in Tampa, and it’s worth knowing about them before you fall too far in love with any particular spot.

picture from Doral Drive listingFirst, it’s important to know that, given that many waterfront homes for sale in Tampa FL are governed in part by the bylaws of property owners’ or homeowners’ associations, your vision of how things might be “improved” might have to be toned down. Especially in the case of older properties, where seawalls, docks and boathouses could stand more than just a gallon or two of paint, you might run into trouble with the HOA’s particular rules about appearance. And even if things look perfect, and you don’t anticipate any serious renovation requirements in the near future, it’s critical to know well in advance of purchase what sorts of maintenance requirements might be in those covenants; the cost of maintaining that dock might be more than you expect.

Second, waterfront homes almost anywhere have insurance requirements that can cost a bit more than the typical “flatlander’s” policy; and if you’re moving from an area where waterfront doesn’t even exist, your current insurance agent might have trouble getting what you need together for you. Beyond the general policies every homeowner needs, there are additional, critical policy elements (like wind and flood coverage) that can drastically change your insurance picture, and again, are important to understand well before you’re signing on any bottom line.

Finally, there’s no substitute for experience; talk to people who have lived on the water in Florida for any length of time. They’ll be able to share tidbits and anecdotes about the “waterfront lifestyle,” its benefits and pitfalls — and will have some great advice about how to get more of one and avoid the other.

Along those lines, when you’re looking at homes for sale, choose a real estate professional who’s got experience and talent buying and selling homes in Tampa, whether on the water or anywhere else in this special part of the world. When you’re ready to find that gem among gems here in Tampa, give me a call at 813-317-4009, or send an email.

I am a Tampa Real Estate Expert that would love to help you view all the Tampa waterfront homes for sale. I’m looking forward to helping you!

was last modified: November 21st, 2015 by Lance Mohr